My american dream

Somehow or another over the last couple of years my political leanings have migrated towards conservatism. I think one of the few subjects about which I remain fairly liberal would be gay marriage. I just fundamentally can not be opposed to it. Actually, I would love to see the government completely shed marriage from policy, and merely grant civil unions, and then let churches marry whomever they will.

I'm sorry conservative gods, but I just don't believe that my future hypothetical children will be rendered gay by being taught that sometimes men love men and women love women in public school sex education. I think that if one relies upon the public school system to instill morals in one's children, such a person shouldn't be shocked when his or her kids are getting hand job's and dropping acid in junior high. Just because I knew what a hand job was in 7th grade, and heard kids talk about getting them, didn't mean that I was suddenly in the market for one. My parents taught me better than that. Plus I was chubby and unattractive. My point is, I just don't think "gay" rubs off.

On most other policy, however, I feel that my views trend fairly conservative. The thing that bothers me, is all of the inherent labeling that goes on in politics. Such as, "all conservatives are ignorant, inconsiderate, science hating gay despising truck driving earth destroying rednecks." Or something to that effect. Because I am NONE of those things.

Let's consider inconsiderate for a moment. Liberals love to label conservatives as inconsiderate because we would prefer that the government stop bureaucratic swelling in order to provide services to people who otherwise are unable to help themselves. Or because we oppose policy that places extra burdens upon those who "can afford it."

Well, do liberals ever stop to consider that certain economic policies meant to help "those in need" end up hurting those who supposedly "have plenty?" Take for instance the small business owner, who has toiled for decades for countless hours to build a business. Late nights. Early mornings. Weekends. Had to disappoint his children because he couldn't attend school functions or sports events, because work needed his attention. The man who provides employment for many individuals. Who has put his house, money, possessions, and family on the line to make said business work. Who has lived under the threat and fear that failure means a loss of EVERYTHING. How is forcing this person into bankruptcy in order to provide unaffordable insurance for employees COMPASSIONATE? (Republicans are guilty here too) Or enforcing stringent environmental regulations that would put him, amongst many other small manufacturers, out of business? Thus unemploying millions? Where is your compassion now? Don't lecture me on compassion because I don't relish helping people who refuse to help themselves. There are other ways.

Let's consider ignorant. I'm certainly not that. Simply because I disagree with liberal policies in favor of those which are more conservative, does not mean I am uneducated. I have a degree. Cum Laud, asshole. I have probably read more books than most care to imagine. I am informed. I read news from different sources. I think Rush Limbaugh is an asshole. I believe in evolution, and that it fits in beautifully with religion, and in fact, further validates the existence of a supreme being.

You think that because I am skeptical about global warming, that I am ignorant? There is an equal amount of science disproving global warming (if not more) than that which supposedly proves it. You, by your own definition, would be just as ignorant as I supposedly am for ignoring all of the counter evidence. Popular media coverage does not validate a claim.

I don't drive a truck. I don't even want a truck. But if I had a truck, it wouldn't automatically signify that I wanted to run over herds of seal pups, or burn down every rain forest. Maybe I simply would prefer not to be crushed to death in a GD Prius by a collision with a cyclist.

I am labeled inconsiderate because I think that the welfare system is a joke. Well, each month I donate to a church welfare system infinitely more capable and effective than what our government attempts. A system that actually helps people get on their feet, rather than enslavement through dependency.

I own a .45, but I am certainly as far from being a redneck as a guy can be, and still own a .45. I understand the proper usage of was vs were, seen vs saw, come vs came, and I don't ever use the expletive "sum bitch." I just want to be able to shoot a guy in the chest if he tries to murder me in my house. Or shoot a guy in the chest if he tries to murder you at Trolly Square.

I guess what I am saying, is quit stereotyping conservatives. I don't think every single liberal is a tree humping communist. I understand that people have fundamental belief differences. Thank God we live in the United States, where (in theory) we can all use our voice, attempt to choose the least corrupt from amongst a legion of corrupt assholes, and send them to Washington to do our supposed bidding.

I just want to live my American dream. I want the government to have as little to do with that dream as possible. I don't need Big Brother. I can make it on my own. In the words of Less than Jake, "My American dream is to have it, a little bit better than my parents ever had it." With the direction in which this country may be headed, I no longer know if that will be possible. But I am HOPEFUL. I am hopeful that I will be able to use my brain, and my abilities to make my dream possible. That I won't be crippled by my own government, and taxed more than half of what I earn to give jobs to bureaucrats and fund unnecessary endeavors.

I just want a suburban home.


Lyns said...

Very well said. I'm so glad you're not a liberal. :)

Lindsay said...

I comment too much - I couldn't resist.. I brought out my old quote book for this one

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams a signer of the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and our second President

allllssooo "If I were asked to name the world's greatest need, I should say unhesitatingly wise mothers . . . [and] exemplary fathers" -David O. Mckay

alex aulelio shahan said...

on point. every time.