I kind of wish

Sometimes my heart breaks to be a human.

We hurt the most vulnerable.  We break the weak.  We carve shit that doesn't matter into our Earth Mother's bones, into her skin, to mark some fleeting unimportant moment, to leave a relic for nobody else in existence, ever, to care about.

Walking in the desert is a dream.  Feet grinding the myriad hues of red, brown, orange, and every color in between, I can't help but marvel at the tenacity of the desert.  Everywhere a drop of water might possibly fall, through the seemingly martian soil erupts life.  Tiny plants like an afterthought to the sage, deep purples or green hues so easily missed and crushed under foot.  The desert speaks to my soul.

Some humans explode other humans.  Other humans force themselves upon some humans.  Some humans exploit other humans.  Other humans suppress and oppress some humans.  Most humans do most of those things to our Earth Mother, in one form or another.

I kind of wish we were getting better about that.  But...ya know...money.

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