Every so often I sort of go into blogiac arrest (great play on words, that one.) I get sucked into various other pursuits, be they work, reading, bbqing, or online tv shows. And, before I know it, wham; (a calm sort of wham) days and days have passed and I have written nothing.


I have come to the conclusion that Chihuahua's are very under appreciated creatures. I was with some friends watching a movie the other evening, and suddenly, wham! (I definitely can not overemphasize the wham there) A little tiny chihuahua pops its head out of a girl's Dolce & Gabanna handbag. Sort of my dream come true, that one. I immediately froke out. And of course, due to the unfair stigma attached to these darling little creatures, this girl thought I was mocking her.

Not so. I love those little nuggets.

So of course, I began scouring the internets for cheap chihuahuas over the next couple days. Whenever I seriously think about getting one, I also can't help but think about how purchasing one of those tiny, bulbous headed creatures is, at the very least, a solid 15 year investment. I'd be like...over 40 when that thing probably finally passed away. If I can't even commit to a girl, how am I supposed to make that sort of commitment to a creature that will shit on my floor? And there are all sorts of hidden expenses involved; blinged out collars, tiny chihuahua sized sweaters (to minimize the inevitable shaking) a Dolce and Gabanna man bag in which to carry it, shots, de-wormings, 15-20 years of dog food, possible kidney transplants when it gets old and I'm as attached to it as my own children (assuming that happens) babysitters when I go places that aren't chihuahua compatible...it goes on and on. Plus chihuahuas are definitely a million times cuter during the puppy phase. A great breed for perpetually puppies.

Perhaps I'll just stick to borrowing and babysitting her's. I'm just not ready for that commitment.


Joliene said...

ugh, i hate dogs in handbags. just because it fits doesn't mean it's acceptable to bring it anywhere one can bring a handbag. and chihuahuas! they're so ugly! and they're often so mean!

karlee said...

If you get one, you should adopt. petfinder.com. seriously- 80% of shelter dogs are purebreeds.
You could also foster one.. that might work better for your commitment level.

anne. said...

i need a dog so bad. let's go look at them! i'm serious!

Dave said...

"perpetually puppies" is golden. DO IT.