That 1 guy

Why is it that every time I go to a show where alcohol is present, there are always just 1 or 2 morons that manage to ruin it? Seriously. Think about every concert in a small venue/bar that you have ever been to, and then think about the complete asshole that was standing near the front with you, incapable of keeping his or her mouth shut. This person (we'll call it a he, since this particular time it was a he) usually likes to respond to all of the rhetorical statements and questions or comments posed by the front man of the band.

If alcohol is mentioned by said artist, (which is often the case, as performing and intoxication seem to go hand in hand) such comments are always followed by a very enthusiastic "whoop" or a "hellll yeeeahhhh, thassss whadd I'mmmmm talllkin" bout!" Or some other form of idiocy. A.A. Bondy (the artist) would periodically take shots after a song, at which point drunken idiot would start screaming hellllll yeaaaaahhhh and mightily thrust his beer in for a "bump."

I feel like, were I an artist, I would be ruthless to people like that. Because pretty much every other person in the vicinity hates drunken idiot. Except for his 2 or 3 buddies, with whom he is constantly sharing fist pounds. Loose 3 fans, yet gain the respect of 100 others.

When music is being played, if they aren't obnoxiously singing at maximum voice capacity, they have their eyes closed and are drunkenly swaying in a rather embarrassing manner. When I see these people, I can't help but wonder how they ever convince anyone to go to a show with them. How can their friends not be writhing with projected embarrassment? I suppose it probably has a lot to do with the principle in nature that lesser creatures dwell with those from the same phylum. Or maybe I just made up that principle. Either way, it seems to hold truth with human creatures.

Out of 100 people drinking in a club, 99 of them know how to not be drunken assholes. Why does there always have to be that 1 guy?


Joliene said...

This guy sounds like a frat boy. I don't feel like those guys are generally at shows that I go to. Either my music taste is too pretentiously indie to attract these men, or it has something to do with the sf demographic vs. utah. I'm not sure which is more plausible.

Anonymous said...

I used to think you were smart. @ very recent reasons why, to my chagrin, you are NOT.
1. Brownie
2. Lose

Joliene said...
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Anonymous said...

If not knowing how to spell brownie and accidentally adding an extra "o" in lose qualify me as not being smart... God help me and the rest of us morons who can but bask in your apparent omniscient glody, oh brave anonymous one. If you are going to publicly declare my lack of intelligence, the least you can do is back it up with an identity.


Joliene said...

Oh, yay, it's real.

I love that your insult of someone else's intelligence comes with the misuse of "@" (unless you're using it an a trendy twitter-speak way, which would only make me think you're more ridiculous) and neglect of a colon.

Good job. I think you made your point well. Ya know, if your point was that you're 1) cowardly, 2) bitchy, 3) overconfident, and 4) condescending.

Maybe you should look inward at not only your unjustified sense of superiority and inflated ego, but your attitude.