Sometimes I get asked if I like a person. Like at work. Or a friend group. Or a scout group. Or whatever. And honestly, sometimes the answer eludes me. Because I really have no strong opinion either way about said person, even after having worked with them, friended with them, or scouted with them for months and months.

It's sort of like being asked, "Dude. Do you like napkins?"

"Um...well, I don't dislike napkins. Although I wouldn't say I'm particularly fond of them either. So I really don't know."

When I was asked today whether I liked a specific employee, that was the feeling I got. That feeling I get every time someone asks me whether I like napkins or not. I was really at a loss for precicely what to say. The napkin feeling.

"Well, I guess so. Wait. not really. I don't know. He's...whatever."

I wonder if people ever deem me a napkin?


Joliene said...

I think of you as more of a paper towel.

Dave said...

you're a bidet towel.

let me explain:

I like you because you are useful--you make me laugh.

but, I wouldn't want to dry my face with you.

so, see...bidet towel.

Joliene said...

hello, i just referenced this because you are awesome.

Fish Nat!on said...

haha. Tell me how

Joliene said...

i used it in a blog. i said all of the men who seem to be my dating options are napkins. i can't care to care, i just want to dig a hole in the sand and read in it.