One, two, three.

The last couple weeks have been busy, to say the least. I have relocated to a studio that does not provide me with access to the interwebs. In the past, my beloved blackberry with the faulty roller ball has refused to allow me to post comments on blogs via the hi-tech T-mobile 3/8's G mobile web, so I am therefore testing to see if I can even make a regular post with said device. This poor little blackberry is somewhat akin to Sloth from the Goonies; he has been dropped many, many times, and has therefore been stricken with a measurable amount of cellular retardation, the least of which being the ball that refuses to scroll downward 94% of the time.

Kind of sucks, laying in bed typing on a blackberry. For some reason the blood seems to evacuate from my pinkys, causing a mild numbness in said pinkys. Perhaps this is caused by the betes' kicking in early, and my circulation is already being thwarted. I often have cold feet.

I digress.

Pray that a christmas miracle will occur, and I shall find some way to acquire the interweb. Also, that my less than adequate pinky circulation is caused by something other than early onset diabetes.



Chris Almond said...

I had problems with my trackball as well. But if you go into an at%t repair store they will replace it free within minutes, even without a warranty.

Anonymous said...
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