Satan is a tea party liberal

Sometimes I feel like the politics in this country are a festering lesion on Thomas Jefferson's illegitimate son's club foot.

Whenever national tragedy occurs, the analytical cogs immediately begin turning in the heads of political pundits and politicians, seeking the best ways to exploit and manipulate horror into a positive outcome. And they aren't even subtle about it anymore.

So many articles over the weekend began targeting (I better be careful, as the word "targeting" may have to be stricken from the political arena, since it be a word that could incite violence, obviously) the vitriolic political rhetoric coming from conservative talk radio, the tea party, and Fox news as fuel for violent and radial acts.

On my way home from trying to undo an entire month of sedentary, gluttonous damage, I tuned into Sean Hannity for about 5 painful minutes as he began his show. Immediately, he went on the offensive, pointing fingers, and playing quote after quote of negative, semi-violent rhetoric from the mouthes of liberals. I mean, all of his little cronies must have spent every waking moment from the time the first bullets penetrated flesh, till his Rocky Survivor theme rolled across the airwaves, scouring the archives for "violent" liberal quotes.

Why can't tragedy bring out the best in people, rather than a load of acerbic criticism and acrimonious rhetoric? It seems as though in politics, everybody thinks that the only way to make anything better, is to utterly vituperate and ultimately destroy the other side, and thereby prove that one's own side is infallible.

I am fairly certain, if this crazy asshole came out and said, "The night before I decided to kill the Congresswoman, Lucifer Satan visited me in a dream, and told me to do it. Also, to always buy local." that the political world would immediately begin discussion and speculation as to which party or faction Mr. Lucifer belonged.

Surely, the Dark Lord would be a liberal Democrat, since all are baby hating abortion loving morality despising mongrels. Or maybe Lucifer is a right-wing Conservative, since they are all greedy, gun loving and therefore murder promoting selfish capitalist scumbags.

Perhaps the Son of the Morning is a Tea Party activist, since they are all violent racists, seeking to violently and racistly overthrow the government. Or maybe Satan is a Muslim, since all those people do is strap bombs to their chests, and blow people to hell (home.)

Maybe the Dark One is actually a Christian, since he loves to hate people who are different (which would be everyone) and he thinks everyone is going to hell who doesn't think like he does (which is everyone.)

Shame on everyone who is trying to turn this event into some sort of a political advantage. But, I suppose, that is business as usual.

I think, ultimately, we have to remember or come to the realization that we don't live in a completely benign, sterile society. There will always be people who do despicable things, in the name of one cause or another. We can't and shouldn't stop people from saying what they want to say, acting how they want to act, living how they want to live, believing what they want to believe, simply because it rubs us the wrong way. Or because, occasionally, someone takes a specific message to the maximum, crazy degree, and acts out violently.

Even if this guy did happen to be a staunch, tea party activist--SO WHAT. If he was a left wing commie, WHO CARES. Christian, Muslim, Jew, Jedi Warrior. 99.99% of people aren't incited to violence when they hear so-called "radical rhetoric." Unfortunately, living in a free society means occasionally we have to deal with that really shitty .01% that are.


Dave said...


Debbie said...

Totally agree... (I would have said 'amen' but that was already taken.) I hate politics... all of it. Both sides are equally guilty of spewing garbage about the other. So ridiculously embarrassing.

Jellybean said...
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Jellybean said...

Agreed. I think it's a little bit ridiculous to think that the entirety of political dialogue needs to be rethought and padded so profusely to avoid this kind of stuff. To censor dialogue (or shouting matches, for that matter) to cater to the 1-in-a-million violent aspergers case isn't helping anyone. I think what we should be asking is: How did this guy get a gun? No matter what kind of hateful things people say, normal people don't shoot other people. Political rhetoric doesn't turn people into murderers. Crazy + gun = murder.

Liz said...

THANK YOU! Loved every word. So true.

I'm shocked that the media conversation turned to "which party is he?" when it really should have been "why didn't we see the signs? how can we improve access to mental healthcare in this country?"

Such a horrible event. I wish we could just mourn without all the bickering.

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(I think your name is...)Drew,

since everyone has already made the comments I would, I'm not going to bother repeating them. That would be stupid.

Anyway. Let me just say firstly, that I love the blog. I read it religiously (heh).

So, although it is only slightly stupid (slightly stoopid. Great band), I have awarded you a Blogger award. Don't feel like you need to do a post about it. They're stupid, I know. However, since I was awarded three of the same, I figured I should do it. And I thought I would award those bloggers who I think actually deserve it.

Check it out if you have the time.

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Chris Almond said...

This whole situation left me cringing for both sides. I felt a bit ashamed of my fellow liberals for actually trying blame this on Sarah Palin. It really emphasized to me that while the two sides of the country might have differing ideologies when it comes to certain political issues, the way they allow their ideology to influence how they view those who disagree is pretty much identical.