Creative Mental Hiatus

I appologize for the sparse posting lately. I also want to precursor this with a disclaimer--I am not typing this on my computer, therefore this is not being spell checked as I go. I lack good spelling skills, ergo this could get a little rough.

I have just been ridiculously busy the last week or so. Let me break it down.
First, I had a committee member for my senior thesis who hated me. This, as my head committee member informed me is "every senior's worse nightmare." So on wednesday morning I defended my thesis. Committee member Dr. A-hole was "deeply troubled" by my paper, and attempted to fail me. Actually, he is not a Dr. Luckily I had Mormon God, Jewish God, and I'm not entirely certain which other God on my side, and was able to squeek through with a B. In other words, I'm going to graduate. I had a few doubts.

I now currently have three jobs, and write for a magazine. This clutterizes my life, and leaves me very little spare time to come up with new words like clutterize.

I started working for Apex alarms this week as a reporter/writer. I wish it were writer/reporter, as I am more accustomed to the former, but hopefully this will be a good opportunity to take my pursuits in a new direction, and provide developemental opportunities that I wouldn't otherwise have. Plus it pays damn good. Anyways, I will be writing a minimum (unless I suck at it and get fired) of 6 articles per week. Which may, ultimately, cut into my every so precious blogging time. I mean, I may actually have to start being responsible.

I still work for Macaroni Grill. I still wish I was dead upon walking through the doors on most nights.

I have submitted one article for Square Mag summer edition, and have another due by wed.

I spent today reminding myself why I have not yet quit college. Also, reminding myself how much I hate manual labor. Not to be confused with Manuel Labor, patron saint of the toiling man. Which brings me to my third job; driving to Nephi, bending over, digging around trees, pulling weeds, driving around a lawn mower that is probably more akin to a tractor than anything, and hating St. Manuel.

Lastly, as if everything else weren't enough, my computer has contracted some form of STD. I live and die by my computer, so this is a highly unfortunate circumstance. I initially bought my computer from a guy who builds them in Nephi. Picture a computer geek version of comic book guy, and you will be spot on. He informed me that switching from Norton to McKfee or however the hell its spelled, is akin to "using a condom with a hole in it." I like him.

All in all, I have sort of been on a creative mental hiatus. Too much going on. Brain no like.

On a completely unrelated note--my downstairs neighbors whom I so dearly adore, are constantly coughing. Like, a sickening, black lung, phlegm-hacking cough that makes my spine crinkle every time I hear it. I can't help but smile inside a tiny bit (amidst the shuddering) and think, "serves those filthy smokers right." Does this mean I am a terrible person? I do not believe that I necessarily feel that way about all smokers. I mostly just dispise these ones, because I hate smelling it, and it directly affects me.

I am semi embarrassed to even post this, due to the extremely journal-esque nature of the whole thing. I have tried to, until this point, wholly avoid allowing my blog to turn into a, "hey, this is what I did today. Neat huh," blog. Not that there is anything wrong with such blogs. I just don't want mine to be one of those. I have a different agenda. Thanks for sticking with me. I swear in my wrath that this is not the ultimate demise and digression of my blog. Once I get through this up and comming week from hell, and school starts again (May 3) and I get a hang of journalism, my blog shall return to it's normal, glorious, mystifying, compelling, prodigious, brilliant, non-narcissistic, and utterly riveting state.

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Fish, you're blog kills me. We're with ya all the way. Do what you gotta do. (Insert other appropriate cliches here.) (oh, and yes, this is Crystal, not Dave, although I hear he posts as me sometimes on accident.)

heather said...

i hate when my computer sleeps around and gets STDs.

Dave said...

I geve your computer its STD.