Hot beefy Mc' D.

I must say that Mc'Donnald's approach has changed over the years. And, for the first time since Super Size me...I actually want to eat there.

If Mc'Donnald's wants to bring back a generation of jaded, fast-food fearing semi-healthy people, they need to go back to the giant puppets and dancing throngs of people.

The fat addicted people...they will continue eating that vile, unhealthy slop regardless of the advertising techniques. But how will they bring back the millions like me who are well aware that eating Mc'Donnald's food is merely a hastening of ones ultimate, overweight demise?

Theatrics, thats how. Give me Alexander and give me death!


Snubbs the White Rabbit said...

That was amazing! Please bless that they bring that ad campaign back.

Allisonneke said...

I think, if they also intend to bring back the McBLT, they should make it darn clear that those boxes are biodegradable. We health-conscious hippies of this generation might not settle for less.

an endorsement from Al Gore couldn't hurt, either.

brady & laura Hales said...

I loved this a lot. What bright colors. I'm so jazzed to eat at mickey D's now.