No laughing matter

Whilst strolling through the kitchen this morning,
my nostrils were assaulted by a rather horrific funk. This is not a terribly uncommon occurrence, as the destroyer often leaves rotting refuse mouldering about the sink area. For example, the completely moldy orange, mingled with the rest of his not-quite-yet-rotten fruit sitting on the counter. Also, the huge bag of cheese that has been sitting out for 4 days with said fruit.

Stenches are to be expected.

I had supposed that the destroyer's previous delving into the abysmal depths of filthiness could not be topped--or go any deeper, as it were.

Allow me to explain this picture. The first layer of crust is from some form of berry smoothie, as discussed in a previous post. The second, darker material is yet another crust, from a different smoothie. Chocolate, I presume. The third, and final liquid, which is busily soaking in the previous two crustings, is some form of citrus drink. Possibly crystal light. How many layers will there ultimately be, before he finally decides to give it a half-assed scrub?

The cycle never ends.

I am no longer surprised by such findings. I merely laugh, and then try not to vomit while laughing.

(I recommend actually clicking on the photo, as the smaller version does not truly do it justice.)

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