Damn you barak obama

The minuscule amount of belly hair that I have is currently being sucked into my laptop fan, causing a rather unique and nerve wracking sensation. It tickles, yet I am filled with fear that if I breathe too deep, too much will suddenly be sucked in, causing the fan to seize up, possibly ripping out a painful portion of that useless man hair.

On a sad note, one of my most favorite dessert eateries has closed its doors. Today, Amanda, Colin, and I were craving Pudding on the Rice. Which, was pretty much exactly like what it sounded; an establishment dedicated entirely to unique and delicious rice pudding concoctions. As Javier (my black Honda civic with euro tail lights) neared said establishment, I screamed a cry of terrible, primal anguish upon seeing all the lights shut off. Pudding on the Rice had been reduced to nothing more than one more hollowed out shell next to a Lan party. How the Lan party (a place where the nerds of the world gather to indulge in all manner of digital nerdery i.e. World of Warcraft)can survive while a place providing the most exquisite of mouthgasims imaginable goes under is simply beyond me. Never again shall Raspberry Rousseau grace my palate with its sweet, decadent goodness.

Damn you economy!

Also, damn you Pudding on the Rice for placing your establishment in at least the 3rd shittiest location for any business in Provo.

And last of all, damn you Barak Obama for not bailing out Pudding on the Rice before she sank into the bitter depths of bankruptcy, from whence no pudding shall ever return.

I just want my Raspberry Rousseau. I NEED IT.


Tod Robbins said...

Well as far as I know, the couple that ran it split up... so shame on them... her... ???

Damn divorcees!

mrs. r said...

funniest post ever. this is exactly why i didn't vote for him...promises of change and yet, my baby's adoption is still not finalized and he has been in office for almost a month.

where's all that change that i can believe in?

Mr R said...

Pudding on rice? disgusting! As for poor locations in provo. Is there any loaction less successful than the south side of "The Triangle"? There's two buildings there that just take in and regurgitated business after business. When will they get it? doesn't matter if it's hamburgers, ice cream, polynesian food, dance studio, mexican food, whatever! It aint going to make it!

ravenwaves888 said...

I also loved pudding on the rice and whined for a good 5 minutes about it. Homemade pudding is not as good!