Happiness comes in pairs

I think this would be the longest period of time I have been blogularly dormant. I guess I have been busy? I have been working a lot? I think the main culprit, would be a feeling of rather intense stupidity that has overcome me, due to a book I have been reading.

It has been a really long time since I read a book that completely confounded me. Or one which contains various words per page with which I am unfamiliar, or of which I am completely ignorant the definition. I mean, if I were reading a book about psychology, or sciences, I would expect such a thing. But not from a history book.

I found myself reading entire paragraphs, and after the fact having absolutely no idea what the hell I just read. Seriously, does anybody really use the word animus anymore?

So I think really what I am trying to say here, is that this book has killed my mind, and sucked all of the creative life out of me.

On a completely unrelated note, I have recently realized that I have an addiction, and I just might need an intervention. As a putative fashion snob, I have allowed myself to descend into the rather monetarily deleterious habit of constant, impetuous jean purchases. If ever I try on a pair of expensive jeans that look good and happen to be on sale for 30 dollars or less, I buy them. End of story. This has caused me to amass a collection of at least 24 pairs of jeans. I always just need one more pair of dark jeans. Or just one more pair of blue jeans.

Thinking about this over the last week or so has served simply to elucidate the fact that I am a vain individual. Or am I? Perhaps I simply have a love of jeans. Is that so bad?

One of the most ridiculous things about it, is the fact that I generally wear the same 2 or 3 pairs of jeans most of the time. Although, as I purchase new jeans those 2 or 3 pairs change. I guess I just like to think that if I ever decided not to wear the same jeans 4 days in a row, I could go for 24 days and not ever double up. That makes me feel safe.

I suppose I have always been fashion conscious to a certain extent. But it is interesting to me how I have had a slight paradigm shift over the last few years. A couple of years ago, the thought of being seen wearing the same thing in 2 separate weeks mortified me. I would wake up to get ready for school, and after making the clothing selection for the day, would wrack my brain to try to determine if I had worn those articles at any time during the previous 12-14 days. Now, I have 5 times as many clothing options as I ever had, and I wear virtually the same things over and over. Think I care?

Does anybody really care? As long as something looks good, I don't care how often a person wears it. I only really notice when someone wears something really terrible over and over again. Am I gay?

Do I need help?

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Joliene said...

Well, you're not married, so you probably are gay.

I make clothing schedules because I also have a tendency to wear my favorite items all-too-often.

Also, I probably have that many jeans, but my reality is that I never seem to grow and therefore I can still wear jeans which I bought like 8 years ago.

Also, my roommate is continually shrinking/growing out of things, so I get all of her old clothes. That part is pretty fun.

I'm sorry you're shallow and gay. At least you have a lot of clothes.