Dear blog,

I have neglected you for several days due to the fact that my dear grandfather, George Dewey Fish Jr. passed away on Friday morning. To be honest, I didn't think of you much these last few days, my dear blog. I was too busy eating pulled pork (thrice) and fettuccine and lasagna from Olive Garden (blehk ((twice)) and a huge tub of generic jelly belly's, and illegally watching 3/4's of Wolverine movie, and sleeping on a supremely uncomfortable air mattress in between a night moaner and a snorer, and playing croquette about 20 times and winning NEVER, to give you any attention. Oh yes. And a lovely funeral; the reason behind all of the aforementioned items. You were the furthest thing from my mind as the Honor Guard played the taps at his grave side and made me cry.

I regret to inform you, dear blog, that you shall remain the furthest thing from my mind for the next 7 days, as I a) do my taxes, b)finish a plethora of reading and write a 4 page paper, c)research my little heart out and fix a 16 page paper, half of which needs serious work, d) work 7 shifts, e) attempt not to kill myself, all so I can win college, not go broke, and avoid notice from the IRS.

So, dear sweet blog, should I survive the week, I shall give thee all manner of attention and sweet affection. Why? Because I'll never have to feel guilty for spending time with you again, for never again shall I be neglecting things of greater importance (college) to update you. No college, no girlfriend. It's just me and you.

The sun shall rise upon a whole new world for us, dear blog.

3:51 am should explain this post pretty well, I think.


steph petry said...
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megs said...

i'm also sorry to hear about your grandfather. what was it with this weekend and grandpas?? mine had a heart attack easter morning. bleck.

and also good luck with finals etc. i'm right there with you :) we'll make it through though right???

and maybe you should work on the girlfriend thing :) i mean, you do live in provo :) ha ha ha