As a graduated creature, I find myself ever fonder of the idea of moving away. I feel as though I have squeezed all of the adventure possible out of Provo, and have been left with a dried out husk. I feel like staying in Provo means I have to settle down and figure out precicely what I am going to do. You know, make a 5 year.

But I'm not ready to make a 5 year just yet. And I hesitate to do that until I have someone around whom to plan those 5 years. I do have a plan, per say. However, it just doesn't sound too terribly solid to those who would like me to be beginning a career of some sort.

Graduation/successful siblings puts so much pressure on a guy.

Graduation was kind of a let down. I realized, as I sat through the nearly 4 hours of combined convocation and commencement, that I had probably really missed out on something. I was sitting there with my graduating class, and I knew almost nobody. Granted, mine was the history department, not generally known to be teeming with attractive unmarried females. Graduation wasn't fun, because I wasn't graduating with a bunch of friends. It was difficult to really get into all of the cheering and fist pumping when I felt like I was cheering and fist pumping with myself.

Perhaps others were more excited because they actually do have their 5 year worked out. Grad school. A career. Whatever. Maybe it is time for me to buckle down and make some big decisions.


Christopher Allman said...


Jessa said...

not even one unmarried attractive female in the whole history department? how about one that USED to be in the history program at uvu?

ps congrats. you did it.

megs said...

congrats! i'm glad that you walked! i don't know if i would be able to because, like you said, i'm not graduating with any friends! that's what made high school graduation worht it! bleh!

anyways congrats again!!!

(i've been thinking about this which is funny b/c i don't even graduate for more than a year!)

Anonymous said...

Did anyone ever tell you that you shouldn't be fist pumping with yourself in public?? Shame shame.

Josie said...

Gotta plan your life without a wife. You can't just wait around for one. Honest.

That's why I say move to San Francisco. Come on, everyone's doing it.