Damn you government and your vile conspiracies

I can't fathom why our government makes it so bloody difficult to vote. First of all, registration is a total pain in the arse. How, when living in the day and age in which we do, is it not possible to register to vote online? Having to print off that thing and actually mail it in is the most asinine thing amongst a governmental avalanche of asininity.

Don't get me wrong; I am very grateful to be living in a country that actually proffers me the opportunity to have some sort of say about whom shall be governing me. However, I feel that in this day and age, with the technology available, there is no reason why one should not be able to register online. Lasers exist people. I mean for goodness sakes, every other thing known to man can be accomplished online, even purchasing groceries. I can understand not being able to vote online; that one is obvious. Fraudulent voting would abound. However, merely registering should be made easier than having to actually print and physically mail something.

I can scarcely recall the last time I actually used the US Postal Service to send anything. I believe it was when I incorrectly mailed T-Mobile my mail in rebate, and failed to send in one of the 36 required bar codes. And previous to that, when I was in love with some dumb girl in Hawaii to whom I mailed all manner of sappy letters. All bills I pay online. I'll tell you what it is; it's a damn conspiracy to give the postal service business. Every 4 years they get a quick boost in revenue that carries them over until the next election.

I think a lot more people would be inclined to vote if the registration process was but a bit easier and more convenient. Any person with a slightly indolent nature will probably find themselves procrastinating their voter registration until it is too late. Then, they shant be privileged to cast their ballot for the man least sucky.

Obama or McCain. What a freakin choice.


Carla said...

ha, i was just yelling about the same thing to jo. I totally agree.

Oh, and don't you ever write your brother?

Lauren! said...

Supposedly voting fraud would be easier if it happened online. That's the argument I've heard. But either way, dead people have been voting for years, mostly against their will, and we're screwed regardless of who ends up inhabiting the oval office. Neither have any idea (or if they do, they don't have the initiative) of what to do about the economy. Yeah. Don't get me started.