Sluts, bro's, and acne woes

I have a love hate relationship with Halloween. I love costumes, and I love dressing up. My costumes for the most part are usually rather lame, generally involving short shorts and some form of eye makeup. I like short shorts. So what.

I appreciate clever costumes. What I don't appreciate however, is all of the sluttyness that goes on. It isn't even so much the annoying "Mormon girl's excuse to be slutty once a year" that really bothers me. First, it is the utter lack of creativity. I mean, how hard did you have to think to wear your underwear with some blood on your face? And I guess I feel like any girl who needs to have her tits exposed and hanging all over the place, wearing nothing more than a panty bottom is seeking some pretty pitiful validation.

I hate even more the sweet bro's who pretty much just wear their underwear, or who find a really un-clever way to expose their rippling abs. Tonight I went to a "Dead Man's Party," which was pretty much exactly what it sounded like--a party where everyone dresses dead. Doi. Which virtually 98% of the people did. Except of course, for the bro in the underwear with the faux hawk and the chiseled abs. Some how, this moron didn't feel like an idiot wearing virtually the only non-dead costume, if little boy's panties and a pacifier can be referred to as such. Nor did he mind grinding his rather pitiful display of genitalia all over the few rather whorish females in attendance.

Enough of that. Is it weird that I find fake-dead girls generally more attractive than plain live ones? There have been so many instances where I have met a girl who was dressed as some form of a dead human being, and thought she was really super attractive. And upon meeting her in normal life, was sorely disappointed. Just once I'd like to meet an ugly dead girl, and then be pleasantly surprised later on.

I hate Halloween makeup. Oh, how I love using it. But it totally ravages my face. I have come to accept the fact that I shall battle with acne my whole life. I get it. I have long since given up on ever having nice, clear skin. I mean, I thought that when I hit oh, I don't know, mid twenties I'd have long since left behind the teenage bane. Not so. Halloween makeup merely exacerbates the problem. And like...really really badly. As in, I had some cheap Smith's pirate makeup on my face for like 3 hours, and upon washing it off I found all manner of new acne erupting forth upon my face. Ugh. Damn you pore clogging face paint. All progress I have made over the last 3 years shall be ruined in a mere 2 night period.


Snubbs the White Rabbit said...

You know, I used to have horrible acne. Every time i wore halloween make-up my face would break out. Then one of my friends told me about pro-activ. Pro-activ cleared up all my acne and left no scars. Haha, jk. But your last paragraph did remind me of those commercials. You should try it. Could Vanessa Williams, Jessica Simpson, Alyssa Milano, and Diddy all be wrong?

Joliene said...

Face paint scares me. Seriously. And masks.

The whole slutty thing pisses me off, too. One of my exes went to UC Santa Barbara, which is THE place to go for Halloween in California. Pretty much every college kid in the state will have gone there at least one year. In any case, I went one year and was appalled. GROSS. really? Censorship strips are your costume? I didn't even dress up that year, but my proudest moment was walking past a couple of guys and hear one go, "See? She's not dressed like a slut."

Carla said...

last year i went as a slut, and this year i went as a pregnant girl (juno).... how fitting

(except i didn't really go as a slut, but it would have been fitting)