No dignity

I think being flipped off is one of my favorite things. I guess because it generally involves someone loosing control and being completely unable to think of any rational, thoughtful way to express their frustration. So, they do the one thing that instantly pops into their mind; they flip the bird. And then hopefully realize how silly they look, face contorted in anger, a rictus snarl and an effff youuuu upon their lips, waving their middle finger as though it were capable of shooting lasers and incinerating me where I drive/stand/sit/jump. No dignity.

Yesterday I was journeying to Jamba Juice. As I approached the roundabout near 24 Hour Fitness, there was a car ahead of me. As he arrived at the yield sign, there was not a car to the left in sight. Now, as simple as a round about is, I can sympathize a little bit when there are like...infinity cars around. I mean, having to watch cars coming from one direction is tough. It really is. However, as he approached, there was but one vehicle to his right. So he slows down and basically stops at the yield sign. I then proceeded to honk my horn one time. Not several exasperated honkings, nor even a drawn out honk. Just a quick beep to remind him that it was safe for him to proceed on into the scary, horribly confusing roundabout.

At that point, he drastically increased his speed, and flew through the roundabout as quickly as possible. I could see him checking his rear view mirror in a manner that suggested irrational anger. The quick, exasperated head snap, rapid multiple looks at the mirror, followed by a couple of head shakes. As soon as he was out of the roundabout, and clear of the first 2 cars parked on the side of the road, he dramatically swerved to the side of the road, and locked his breaks and came to a screeching halt. He then rolled down his window about 4 inches and shook his bird finger at me, snarling in anger. I looked at him and smirked/chuckled.

First, he was mad at me because I reminded him that he was too ignorant to understand the basic function of a roundabout. Second, rather than acting like a rational human being and continuing on his projected course, he pulls over and does the one thing that an apparently less than intelligent individual can think to do in such a supremely frustrating situation; he flips the bird. How embarrassing.

Remember this; flipping the bird is offensive never. It is merely embarrassing. So, if you happen to be a frequent flipper of the bird, by all means, please continue flying your finger of stupidity and entertain the rest of us with your ineptly expressed anger.


Claire Valene Bagley said...

Usually I just sling shot an actual bird at offending cars/bicyclists/greatauntswithwalkers. It's much more cathartic.

Joliene said...

That picture is amazing.

Also, HE PULLED OVER??? hahaha

Petey said...

I'll flip your bird.

Whatever that means.

Angie said...


Anonymous said...

What would you like someone to do? Hit you? Hello, why don't you quit being such an ass. I don't know who you are, but just by reading your blogs, I can tell you are an ignorant ass. You probably think anyone that is not mormon is probably evil. GROW UP. Why don't you quit complaining about what other people do and worry about yourself. You should have been looking at this roundabout situation in an uplifting manner. LIke maybe you should have been nicer to the person. Especially since you said they must have been scared of the roundabout. Why don't you put other peoples feeling into consideration rather than being an ass to everyone you come into contact with. You know...maybe the guy just lost a loved one...and maybe he was having a hard time dealing with it...and then here you are...and ass that thinks they are better than that person...you are the one with no dignity...or maybe too much...you seem to be quite full of yourself.

Fish Nat!on said...

"You probably think that anyone that is not mormon is probably evil," just labeled you for the ignorant ass that you are.

In what way was I cruel to this person? I simply honked my horn, and he had the irrational reaction. By turning it into an uplifting situation, are you suggesting that I pulled over afterward, and shared with him a loving message about jesus/roundabout etiquette?

Listen. Dead loved one's, recently acquired STD's, a lost job, having been kicked in the groin less than a half an hour gone--never makes flipping the bird less silly or justified.

And I'll not even go into the sarcasm that you are apparently to daft to grasp. Mr/Mrs. Anonymous.