Worth it

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

I love everything about this; Little Gary Coleman in overalls and a cowboy hat, descending from the hugest dodge pick up I have ever seen. From which, he apparently tried to run over a poor man named Colt. Such a quintessential small town Utah name. Sounds like Mr. Coleman has settled into his Utonian habitat quite nicely. "Celebrities can't go nowhere or do nothin'..."

God bless you, Mr. Coleman. May the money from your childhood/Mormon movie stardom ever provide you with huge trucks and overalls.


b said...

The best part is that I went to high school with the kid that got run over. High five!!

Anonymous said...

Agian with being an ass...what has Gary Coleman ever done to you? Nothing...sounds like you have some major issues. You are going to be one of those people that die alone.

Fish Nat!on said...

Man, lighten up. I can scarcely imagine the high strung, tightly wound, stiff behind these bravely anonymous comments.

You may be right though; being a 26 year old un married mormon means I have at least a 93% chance of remaining that way, as I sort of missed the early twenties marriage boat. Due to being an ignorant ass, you see.

Jillith said...

My friend used to work with him at Pinnacle. He quit shortly after someone took a picture of him asleep on the job and sent it to a radio station in SLC.