Poor nesting locations

This just baffles the hell out of me.

Of all the places to store one's toothbrush...I can't imagine a more filthy location. And this isn't some random fluke; I have witnessed this occurrence many times throughout my college life. There is always at least one roommate that doesn't mind leaving his toothbrush in the most deplorable of locations. The sink has got to be (almost) the most filthy part of an unclean bathroom. Layers upon layers of spittle, caked all over the place. Remnants of toilet matter that is ejected into the bathroom atmosphere each time the toilet is flushed, all to come floating down to gently land upon the sink/toothbrush.

I guess the most confusing part, are the ubiquitous safe toothbrush storing locations that exist in any given bathroom, and that a person would choose to use none of them. I mean, if it comes down to it, store it in your room (which is actually what I do.) I started thinking one day about how the small shelf where I was laying my toothbrush had previously nested countless other toothbrushes over the last 400 years that this house has been in existence. I shuddered to think about the layers upon layers of previous tenant's dried mouth juices in which my toothbrush was wallowing. Plus I heard that on myth busters, they proved true that no matter where one places one's toothbrush in a bathroom, said toothbrush never entirely escapes the toilet germ ejaculation.

So maybe I'm a little germ conscious. I am much better than I used to be. Before I lived in Argentina, I would never under any circumstance touch a piece of raw meat. I had a deathly irrational fear of ecolli and salmonella. A piece of uncooked chicken would render me paralyzed with fear. Clean a toilet without gloves? Forget about it. Living in a country where people not only allowed their diseased, scab ridden, hairless dogs to live, but gave them an honored place in the home got me over my fear real quick. One can shake a hand that had previously been petting a diseased dog only so many times before getting slapped in the face by a raw chicken breast seems like no big deal.

So I guess what I am saying, is germs no longer terrify me. However I do have my limits, and leaving a toothbrush on the side of a filthy sink, open to all manner of hand wash splashing, spittings, and toilet sprayings does not fall within them.


Joliene said...

Both toilet seats are up. Joliene's pet peeve #1: toilet seats up.

Fish Nat!on said...

No women live in the house nor use that bathroom in the middle of the night. think i care?

Tod Robbins said...

Objects I see on the floor:

-trash can
-toilet (open)
-wadded up Kleenex
-dusty vent
-dried urine

Bags said...

I just threw up in my mouth... and then brushed my teeth with my roommate's toothbrush. Shhhh, don't tell.

Josie said...

you got an audible gasp out of me on that one. that is disgusting. if i were you, i might accidentally bump it and let it drop.

and why are college boys so afraid of a clorox wipe? they're ingenius and they even make generic brands for the economically conscious.

also, i do have to tell you that when i was in high school, i was on a girls' ski trip to mammoth. the morning after some of my friends had been drinking a wee bit too much, i was brushing my teeth and my friend said, "sorry, but i think i used your toothbrush after i threw up last night."