Save us obama, from ourselves

There are two things that I really wish would go away.

First, flare jeans. I am astounded by the number of women still wearing that horrendous cut of jean. Please, please for the love of Zeus stop wearing them. I understand that the skinny cut isn't for everyone. But the flare is just down right disgusting. Please girls of the world, if you can't do the skinny, at least wear jeans that fit, with a straight leg. I was walking through the mall yesterday, and the flare was everywhere. I would see packs of girls meandering about, wearing a variety of different jeans. The baggy flare jeans clad females just looked so sloppy. And if you must insist upon wearing them, at least put on something other than cross trainers. Have a little dignity.

I guess on that note, I also really wish the Buckle would go away. I think I die a little inside very time I see someone wearing True Religion jeans, or an Affliction t-shirt. Whenever I pass that store, I just laugh incredulously at the people rifling through the black button up shirts with the huge fuzzy crosses on the back. Or trying on jeans covered in pre-fab holes with a flaming dragon embroidered on the ass. I guess I am just mostly astounded at the prices people are paying for this garbage. To each his own, I suppose.

I was talking about the "Buckle" fashion with a friend at work who is from Mexico. He has pretty great style. We were trying to figure out what to call a person who decks himself out in such clothing, and all we could come up with was a "Mexican sweet bro."

With all of the great music coming out around the world on a weekly—nay—daily basis, I can't understand why anyone is still choosing to listen to Axle Rose's disgusting voice. So, Axle Rose is really the second thing I wish would just go away. I can appreciate Guns and Roses for what it was back in the 80's and early 90's. I can even understand why people who were old enough during that time to be into them still listen to them. What I can't understand, however, are the new fans. Like, the 22 year old guy in my house who is still "getting the Axle out" multiple times per week. His voice crinkles my spine.

Flare jeans, and Axle Rose. And, I suppose, the Buckle. If those three things would but fall off the face of the earth, I think the world would be a much better place. In fact, had Obama included those three items in his presidential "to do" list, I'd not have pissed my vote away on Bob Barr.



What was I talking about, this is awesome. Well worth 200 dollars.


Dave said...

your vote was born pissed away.

secondly, I disagree. I love all three of those things and I dream of one day bringing them together: Axle Rose singing sweet jeans of mine in a Buckle superstore while wearing flare jeans. That's my vote.


Jendar said...

news to you, the flare jeans are coming back. kayte holmes and sarah jessica parker are wearing them. anyhow, theyre horrible.

Fish Nat!on said...

Sarah jessica parker also looks like she got hit in the face by a train. The flares are a fitting match. And katie holmes married tom cruise. Obviously she has no rational judgement, so again...not surprised.

Taren said...

I work in an office in which 90% of the workers, including the CEO, wear True Religions and horrible "mexican sweet bro" shirts every day. Sometimes I feel left out, and one time I came dangerously close to using 50% of my paycheck to get a similar look... but your post has inspired me to hold me own, and remember that there is life outside of this fashion hell hole.

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