Superficial discoveries

I'm sitting in San Francisco, waiting for Adam to get out of the bloody shower. I think my greatest discovery of the trip concerns the womenfolk of this town. Whereas New York has a seemingly disproportionate number of ridiculously gorgeous women as compared to every other place I have been, San Francisco seems to run the opposite direction. I am not saying that there are disproportionate levels of ridiculously ugly women here, only that the attractive female to unattractive female ratio seems to tip heavily towards the latter end.

I realize that attraction is relative, but I am speaking in a rather general, superficial sense. I walked/cycled all over that city yesterday, and only turned my head about 3 times. Not that I was on the prowl for attractive women, mind you. I am simply surprised that San Fran isn't teeming with head turners like New York. I though all cool cities were supposed to be that way. Like on TV. Perhaps the men fall into a similar ratio here; I am not certain. I tend to only check out men when they are with beautiful women, in order to superficially judge whether or not they are attractive enough to be with said beautiful women.

I guess my point is, I should really move here in order to remove a great deal of temptation in my life.

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Joliene said...

This has largely to do with my taste, but I think San Francisco has amazing men. SF state boys with their shaggy hair and tight pants? Love it.

San Jose, on the other hand, is kind of the opposite. It seems to me that San Jose State is full of attractive women, but the attractive men are completely lacking. I am lucky if I have one good looking man in any given class.

My apologies on being so scrubby. I am not much for hair and makeup. I have never thought about this women dilemma... I will try to pay attention and see if I agree with you.