2k10, year of the miracle

I think that 2K10 just might be the year of the miracle. One of the first miracles occurred this very day, in this very laundromat.

I am in a laundromat. I guess the sentence previous to the previous sentence alluded to that fact. Well, not even alluded. Stated. Perhaps a miracle even proceeding the miracle which today occurred in this very laundromat, is the fact that there is a laundromat 1 block from my residence that offers free wifi. The miracles are piling up. Cool, 2K10.

Upon arriving at Rose's Laundromat, I was a little dismayed to find that the apparent cost of 1 washing cycle was $1.75. Seeing several different styles of machine scattered about the place, I was hopeful to find cheaper machines. The Speed Queen would allow one to wash one's clothing for a paltry savings of 25 cents, but also looked like a real piece of shit. So I decided to stick with the Wascomat Jr. W-74, and pony up the full buck seventy five, even though we are in a recession.

Also, due to the recession, I was thinking about merely doing a load of whites, since what I most needed cleansed was my white work shirt. I gently fed a dollar bill into the change machine, which subsequently spit it back. Apparently my George Washington was a bit too crinkled for the taste of this particular mechanical diva. I found the 2 most uncrinkled bills I had, and shoved them in, and listened to the consequential shower of change. What a thrill, that sound. Makes you feel like you are winning something, even though you aren't even winning one single thing.

I retrieved my handful of quarters, and noticed that it seemed to be a much bigger handful than I had expected. Upon counting, the machine had blessed me with 14 quarters, rather than the 8 which I had expected. A post-Christmas miracle. Exactly the number of quarters needed for 2 loads in the Wascomat Jr.

I have a feeling that miracles shall abound in 2K10. Here are a few miracles I am expecting:

The acquisition of a grown up job. With my pitiful resume, the recession, and 78% useless History degree, this shall be a miracle indeed.

The acquisition of a wife. 2K10 just might be my year. I have been alive for 28 years. I think this miracle is approaching past due.

The acquisition of free internet in my household. I just have a feeling someone is going to have an open connection into which I shall be able to tap in the early months of 2K10.

Javier will get through 2K10 without catastrophic failure. My Honda Civic is going to run like a champion, all year long. I'm not going to have to sink 1600 dollars into him like I did last year.

The cat lady living below me will either give up smoking, or give up the ghost. I'd prefer she give up smoking, but I'll accept perish, that I no longer have to acquire lung cancer every time I unlock my front door.

The acquisition of 4 cats, should the cat lady perish. Wait. That would be a horrible miracle. I don't even want those cats.

Whatever else, 2K10 HAS to be better than 09. Right? RIGHT?


Seneca said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I am also excited for this year. :D

Lindsay said...


Taren said...

2009... well, it sucked. and i think i speak for the entire planet. I'm a huge 2010 fan already.

Fish Nat!on said...

Do NOT jinx me. I need this year.

Lindsay said...

I didn't jinks you - you did.. I was merely pointing it out ha