Wendover no parents 2009 all night christmas adventure miracle featuring "how to be a gentleman" and "the melancholy death of oyster boy "

I had a feeling that 2K10 was going to be full of miracles. I think I first had this notion on the eve of Christmas eve. Patrick and I had decided to postpone our Vegas no parents 2009 cheese factory Christmas Adventure miracle until the new year. Which would unfortunately make it a post-Christmas adventure miracle. Which, frankly, just didn't feel right to me. So on the eve of Christmas eve, Patrick and I were toiling away at Carrabbas. Twas a busy Christmas eve eve. I suddenly felt drawn to Wendover--the arm pit and/or asshole of north-western Utah. I suppose arm pit is more appropriate, considering the geographic location. However, it wasn't the Utah side in which I was interested. I wanted WEST Wendover Nevada, where I knew lady luck would give us a super good time.

I think I'm going to go ahead and skip to the miracle, which is the most important. We wandered over 4 casinos, trying to find a $1 roulette table, to no avail. Amidst my wanderings, I passed several slot machines with beaver themes. Being a natural fan of the beaver (I swear to you, I am ONLY talking about the animal here)I was tempted by each beaver machine I passed.

We decided it was time to end the adventure miracle. Patrick wanted to put $1 dollar in 1 machine. He did, and won 10 bucks. The first miracle. I decided that I needed to find one of those beaver machines. So Eleanor and I wandered around until I spotted one; Busy Beaver Dam Builder. I knew it was the one. I fed it a dollar. It was a penny slot, so I had up to 100 tries. I decided to push the button that used 15 tries at once. After that, wackiness ensued. So much dam building, log sawing, sexy (to a male beaver) female beavers dancing. And then I suddenly had 3200 credits. Since the math region of my brain suffers from some form of retardation, it took me a few moments to realize what that number meant. 32 bucks. Thanks, 4th grade level math. I cashed out, and got the hell outta there.

I think I shall attribute this miracle to 2K10, rather than 09. 09 was a mean old whore, and therefore deserves no miracles attributed to her. I rather think that 2K10 exercised a little bit of early magic, and sent a warm up miracle my way.

Thanks, 2K10. You are already the best.

Some pictures from the Adventure Miracle.

Dressed in Sunday best, ready for the adventure miracle to begin.

Eating as many chips as possible, on the way to the miracle.

Eating as many cuties as possible on the way to the miracle.

Just basking in the miracle.

Just stalling for a miracle.

Just laying on a miracle.

Just laughing at a miracle.

Just topping off a miracle.

Just like, a way indie miracle.

This was self indulgent. I apologize.

Oh, one other miracle I forgot to mention. The mustache is GONE.


Mindy said...

I was going to comment on how great the mustache looked ... congratulations on your miracle.

alex aulelio shahan said...

Haha. LOL catz. MEEEEOOOWWW. You're always on point. never skip a beat. invite me next time or never heard of me.