Back to the Third World

When it is 45 degrees outside and 85% humidity, one's breath yields a cloud. As I watched a film in the living room yesterday, my breath was quite visible.

What the hell.

I have my doubts as to the humidity being that high, which would mean the temperature was actually lower. Most of the house is a pretty steady 50 degrees. Such temperatures would be unpleasant even in the summertime.

I brought a space heater into the bathroom this morning, feebly attempting to convert a freezer into something slightly more bearable...I was in mid-stroke, brushing my teeth when suddenly I experienced deja-vu. I paused for a moment, trying to figure it out. Then it came to me; Argentina...cinder block house...no insulation...no heat...broken bathroom window...freezing winter...trickling shower...moldy bathroom...cock roaches...oh, and space heater in the bathroom.

Save me from this freezing, third world hell.


Meeeegan said...

oh winter! Thy cold freezes my soul. yet thy cocoa warms my lonely hands. where do you live nowadays?

teandra said...

what the hell is a question not a statement.
hahaha i love jacking you right now.

p.s. let us hunt bisons on the mountain tops. or moosens.