Please pass the euthanasia

I woke up sweaty at about 7 (Dad fixed our furnace Saturday, now its blazin). I slid out of bed and stumbled over to the heat vent and shut it. I climbed back into my pool of sweat and went back to sleep.

Sometime between the hours of 7 and 10, I got a crinkled spine.

How does this happen? I log in at least a couple years of safe, successful sleep, and suddenly in one minute, three hour chunk...wham! Spina bifida.

Can't look down or to the left. I need to be put to sleep.


Jessa said...

seriously fish, if you can write clever stuff like this with your thesis and cite it, you'll get into any grad school you want. Euthanasia is not the answer, find a hot girl and let her work it out for you. don't you know anything living in happy valley?!

aware81 said...

You can't get spina bifida from sleeping wrong. It is one of the many negative consequences of masturbation. I learned that in doctor school. So moral of the story hands off petey.

teandra said...

i love sounds, onomonopea