So tasty, so cheap

Sometimes your life sucks, and you only have twelve dollars with which to feed yourself for an entire week. As a college student, and one who depends upon the mercy of others for my income (tips), i often find myself in just such a situation.
I introduce to you, the chicken burger.
I am sick of Ramen. I am tired of boxed noodle/rice concoctions. For some reason I do not get sick of these blessed burgers. Perhaps, it is due to the fact that every time I eat one I am reminded of how this tasty little creature saved my life on a near-daily basis throughout elementary school, the hell that was junior high, and the hick-fest that was my high school. Whatever crap-based government concoction happened to be on the main menu at lunch time was not a threat; the chicken burger almost always came to the rescue on the b-side.

Luckily, these do come cheap at Sam's Club, or, the Anti-Christ as my father refers to it (16 for US$10.50). Throw in a package of buns for US$1.42, and your twelve dollar dilemma has been solved. Can't afford condiments? So what. I prefer the chicken burger in its pure, unadulterated form. Just chicken, rib meat, and bread...as the good lord intended it.


Jen & George Scott said...

Yeah Andy... I am so glad you started a blog. We started one a while ago, and I love it. Hope you are doing well. I will check in!!!!

jessaveda said...

nice bloggins fish. please, come visit me.

lauren said...

fish! you are officially invited to my house to eat. Anytime. Love the blog.

mom said...

Don't forget the way you liked your chicken as a child... NAKED chicken nuggets. You insisted on eating them in layers. First the outer crunchy part, then the gray mass of parts and pieces molded together to form the unknown part of a chicken known as the 'nugget'.
love your memories