Song of the Days

So I had this fantastic idea in the middle of the night to add a sister blog. She shall be titled, "Song of the days." Partially because I likely wont post a new song each day, more probably each time I blog. Which is most days. Which is why it will be Song of the Days. Plus the site songoftheday was already taken, as I suspected. Anywho, there will be absolutely nothing else on the Song of the day blog, besides a fantastic song. Of the days. I didn't want to put them directly on my page because that is not what my blog is about. I hate being subjected to music that I don't want to hear every time I open a myspace page or whatever and I don't want to force people to listen to music while they visit my blog, yet at the same time I want to share music with those who appreciate a good tune. I make no promise that the songs will all be free of profanity. I'll try to post some sort of warning if the song contains ill wording. Perhaps at times i shall include a brief comment about why I enjoy said song. Anyways, I am planning on only having one song on there at a time, but let me know what you think, as people, and if the desire is great that I leave all songs up as I go along, then leave them up I shall. To get there just click on the link under Song of the Days-Canciones de los ultimos dias, and you shall arrive safe and sound with joy in your ears.

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