Sweet JNCOs dude

An unparalleled phenomenon has recently come to my attention. Somehow, against all logic, defying all principles of known evolution, there are two people with frosted hair in one of my classes. How does this happen? One, would be an anomaly. Two, however, is unbelievable. Shame on the hair stylist who said, "Yeah, I guess that would be a good idea for you to do that in this day and age." What has the salon industry come to? Who are these girls that are so desperate to make 40 bucks that they will, against all good judgment and common courtesy, allow someone to make such a dire mistake? When I walk into that class room, I feel like I am time warped back to high school. I always glance down to make sure that I'm not wearing Airwalks and JNCOs.

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Dave said...

wait a second. are we not supposed o be wearing JNCOs anymore?