Apparently, i like china after all

I have found that shopping for things at IKEA will make you hate China, Mexico, and Indonesia less. Whenever I am at Wal-Mart or some other similarly fine establishment, upon inspecting an item in which I am interested, I generally scoff at the fact that it was made in China, thinking "Figures. Everything here is." All of us globalization conscious get-behind-a-good-cause hipsters try to avoid shopping at such infernal, capitalistic, people exploiting, small business devouring mega stores because we feel good about buying that hand woven shirt, or those jeans that were made in the USA by people earning more than 2 dollars a day.

Well, good news if you are gay/hipster/female and you buy your furniture at IKEA, because you have to build it yourself. No exploited, tiny Asian children to worry about there.

Be forewarned; building stuff from those freaking Swedish penny pinchers BLOWS. Rather than explain anything in written words, IKEA merely provides you with many an incoherent pictorial diagram. Don't worry though; the little androgynous person at the beginning of the manual will let you know if the adventure upon which you are about to embark can be a solo journey, or if you shall require the help of another androgynous individual.

Anyhow, after building my bed and then spending an hour attempting to put together the night stand, I decided that I didn't mind exploiting the poor and destitute of foreign countries, and rather appreciated all of my Asian/Mexican handiwork. I guess it is sort of neat looking at something that you put together yourself, however I think it is even more exciting trying to imagine the squalid conditions in which, say, my dresser was constructed. What was the native tongue of the person sewing my couch cushions? Was a whip involved? Do people actually sweat heavily in sweat shops? I sweated while putting together my bed. Is it like that?

All I can say is, I was wishing throughout the entire construction process that I could just hire someone for 2 dollars to hurry and slap that thing together.

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Joliene said...

if i am not mistaken, you have the same bed that i do. malm, si?

i am moving to san francisco in a week. i have to disassemble and reassemble my IKEA furniture. i am not looking forward to it.

the bed is the WORST part. and my daddy is out of town on a motorcycle run. it's also entirely possible that my mother will have to work. it might just be me and my sisters. it'll be a long day.