Poor life decisions

Yesterday, In a moment of boredom and frustration, I penned "I hate Mathis," across my chest. I immediately regretted this decision, as I realized that I don't hate Mathis even a little bit. As I was thinking about this in the shower today, I decided that that is probably how I would feel were I ever to acquire a tattoo. At one point in my life, I thought those Nor Cal nautical stars on my forearms would be pretty bitchin.' I realize now, as a wise and mature adult that I was completely wrong. One morning I would have awakened, glanced down at my forearms and thought, "Well there are 2 prominent poor life decisions." I think that any rational human being probably has similar thoughts about their tatticular choice at some point in their life.

I don't even regret making up the word "tatticular" just then.

You know how sometimes you see ridiculous old people with lots of disgusting arm/neck tats who are still dressing like someone in their 20's and it sort of makes you feel uncomfortable/sad for them? You think, "Lady, you are 57 years old. It is probably time to loose the Metallica tee, nose ring, and the mohawk." Here is what I wonder; do some people continue on a certain path of rebelliousness and ridiculousness in order to validate their tattoos? I mean, at the point when most people make the adult clothing shift from trendy to stretchy, do these people miss that boat because their tattoos dictate to them on some mental level that they must continue dressing in a way that matches said tattoos? I don't know which is more absurd--an old grandma in a cardigan with neck tats, or the punk-rock'n-roll grandma with the mohawk.

One thing is for sure--I will never tattoo "I hate Mathis" on my chest. Never ever.

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Snubbs the White Rabbit said...

I really can't agree more. I've been so tempted to get a "tat" but I replay over and over in my mind that one morning I wake up and look at myself in the mirror and say,"What the F did I do that for?" By the way, i google mondo and am still at a loss for what it means. A little help?