Givin' smith's a bad wrap

A person randomly added me recently on g-chat. Once I had confirmed the addition request, I asked said person who they were. This person informed me that they had discovered my blog, and that they appreciated it. After sundry random conversation, I asked how this person had discovered my blog. They replied that the mode of discovery was a bit embarrassing. Naturally I was intrigued. So I pressed further, to which this lovely person finally spilled the beans.

My blog was discovered whilst doing an image search of the word "douche."

At which point I laughed hysterically for a few moments, trying to figure out why my blog might have surfaced under the realm of "douche." I then recalled that I had previously posted a picture if Nickelback's front man Chad Kroeger, a rather supreme douche. So, curiosity got the best of me and I decided a douche image search was in order. I believe that due to the moderate safe search mechanism, I was shielded from an insidious porn trap. I only had to sift through 4 pages of Kid Rock, Kevin Federline, Travis Barker, Dog the bounty hunter, all manner of sweet bro's, not to mention photographs of actual douching kits to find him...and then there he was; 70th picture amongst 1.38 million results. I felt pretty proud upon discovering that I had caused the creator of such musical gonorrhea to be the 70th douche to pop up on a Google image search. Booya.

So congrats Chad Kroeger; apparently the global Google denizens concur--thou art a douche.

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Shauna said...

hey douche. how was CSS? I heard you enjoyed my ticket.