Ode to the best woman alive

My mother is one of those people for whom it is very difficult to buy gifts. Mostly, because if there is something she needs or wants, she gets it. I think store bought cards are lame. They require no thought, beyond the last min..."uh oh. Birthday, or Mothers day, or Martin Luther King Jr. Day...I gotta get a card...or something." Anyhow, I was trying to think of the most meaningful thing I could do for my mother, the thing which she would most appreciate. This may sound stupid, but I think publicly recognizing her for the stellar mom that she is on my blog is probably the best thing that I can do. So. I have the best mom ever. Sorry to the rest of planet earth, but mine happens to be the best. I am sure there are certainly some close contenders, but...yeah. So I decided to write a poem real quick, as part of my mothers day treat. I'll be the first to admit that my poetry skills are elementary at best. So I guess what I am saying is don't judge my poetry skills. This isn't for you anyways. Unless you are my mom. And she would love it even if it sucked. Because she is the best. (So that this makes sense to people ignorant of my life-I was adopted. Birth father-college music teacher. Birth mother, student. Wahbam! Me. Born. Bought. Here I am today.)

Twenty-sixish years ago,
In a magical far away land,
A woman hesitantly approached her man
and took him by the hand.

I think we've got a problem dear,
I hope your not too pissed,
I think you might just curse the first time
that we ever kissed.

You may have noticed I've grown fatter,
well thats not entirely true...
I think that there's a baby in here,
and the father...well...he's you.

Damnation woman! What are you saying?
That I'm potent after all?
What to do? I'm terribly screwed,
This babe shall be my downfall.

I guess this means we have to get hitched,
I guess this means you're mine,
I'll make arrangements with the state,
We'll be married for all time.

Sorry sir, that will not work,
I'm a Mormon in case you forgot.
Marry a guy lacking a belief in God,
I most very certainly shall not.

Fine then woman, what to do?
We have an accident to fix you know,
Should we keep it and trade it off,
taking turns watching it grow?

Don't be absurd you foolish man,
He shant be passed to and fro,
I'm going to give him to someone else,
Who'll give him a stable home.

Little did they know another woman
In another far away land,
Not so hesitantly approached her man
And took him by the hand

Listen here my darling man,
I'm sick of having no kid,
I want a child to nurture and love,
I want to watch one grow big.

Don't get me wrong, your company is great
It's just that I'm ready for more,
I'm ready to finally pay the cash,
For a child whom I'll adore.

Nine months passed quite quickly,
The other woman found her self in a room,
Surrounded by doctors and nurses,
Helping me erupt forth from the womb.

Sad she was to let me go,
But she knew I wasn't her own,
The other woman had waited so long,
to finally have a child to take home.

Finally the woman had the child
She had so desperately waited for,
She gave him unconditional love,
He could never have asked for more.

Many times I tried her patience
yet she only loved me more,
she is certainly the greatest mom,
I could have ever asked for.

To this day I couldn't give enough thanks,
to the woman who gave me away,
for sending me to the perfect mom,
I hope to thank her someday.

Happy mothers day mom. You are the best.


Debbie said...

OK,I HAVE to leave a comment for this one! Thank you so much! (sorry about using exclamation points, I know how you feel about them) What a great Mother's Day present... you blogged about ME! I do so love the picture you posted of me as well. lol Christmas morning, jammies, no makeup, so pretty. Anyway, thank you for the kind words, the beautiful poetry and for being fooled into thinking I'm the best. What a sweetheart you are, so worth the money! lol
Love you.

Snubbs the White Rabbit said...

I didn't have a chance to comment on your last post and I wanted you to see my comment so I'll post it here. First off, I completely agree with you about people not being informed and basing there opinions on what others say. It is also sad that this election is so important because all three candidates down right suck. That being said im surprised you are voting for McCain. From your shared thoughts I would think you want to vote for someone that showed some small hint of wanting to get out of Iraq. I will most likely be voting Obama but like you said he is somewhat socialist. I normally run like the plague when that term is thrown out, but all the socialist views and opinions he has are things that aren't going to change in 4 years. Socialized health care? That won't happen in 4 or 8 years and would still have to go through congress. I like that he wants to get out of iraq. Thats a big one for me. He seems the most genuine as well. Key word being most. Anywho, this is long enough.

PS Check out Datarock and Cut Copy if you have never heard either of them. I think you would dig both bands.

mrs. r said...

hey ...i am friends with josie. she sent me a link to your poem.

LOVED IT! it made me cry.

i am a mom of a one year old who happens to be adopted and we are adopting another this summer.

i love your perspective and i would love to post your poem on my site--giving you FULL credit of course. if you (and your mom) are comfortable with that. my blog is mostly about adoption and i think my readers would LOVE your pov.

let me know. therhouse@gmail.com

...and thank you. you made my mother's day better as well!

much love.

Carlykins said...

I found your comment on the r house blog! I don't have words that are even close to being worthy of expressing how BEAUTIFUL this tribute is to your mother and your birth mom. I have chills surging threw my body as I could only hope and pray for this same response from my little girl I placed 8months ago. We have an open adoption and her mom and dad ROCK! Thank you for sharing this. I will probably read it over and over again. I am grateful for your perspective as it helps me to feel warm inside and make my heart smile! How beautiful to see you where you are and how blessed you have been. Gives me peace beyond words. Thank you again and again.

Jill said...

Amazing!!!! I just read this poem, and another that was on the rhouse blog. You are a fabulous writer. You make my heart happy in hearing you say you are glad you were adopted. I just pray that I hear those words from my son's lips one day. I am one of those ladies that was ready to pay for a child too (lol), after much sadness and tears...and I can't imagine my life without him now. He is my ultimate joy and I would do anything for him or his birthmom. Thanks for sharing!!!!!

Miss Myra said...

Hey that is a beautiful poem. I am a birthmom and that is pretty much how i feel about things. You rock. Go fight win.