Yo soy apx

Once again, I have an article published in Square. This one is a bit larger and much more enthralling than the first, I must say. For those of you not living in the warm and cozy confines of Utah County, the article can be found here. I submitted two articles for it, and to be perfectly honest I thought one of them kinda sucked. It didn't make the issue, thus proving my assumptions correct. That or someone simply submitted something better.

I suppose whilst on the subject of writing, I might as well add that I currently have a summer dream job. I was hired on a while back as a writer/reporter for Apx Alarms. It started out as me, aspiring writer, being paid $50 for writing 400-800 word creative reporting pieces about various sales managers and reps. It has now evolved into me being a reporter/quasi-writer but mostly just reporter. Which I am more than OK with, due to the absolutely redundant nature of the material about which I am required to write. So I pretty much just work outta the home.

Even though most people think of Apx as the root of all evil, I love them for this phenomenal opportunity which they have bestowed upon me. I also love Bear Naked granola, and Bolthouse Farms fruit drink.
I pretty much write about these guys.

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Jimmy said...

Nice article, I've always wanted to know what it feels like to be kicked in the child birth. However, working at the foundry definately beats landscaping.