Sleeves are for sissies and church goers

How come every time I see a guy driving a Camaro circa 1990's, his hair is slicked back and he has no sleeves? Seriously, these guys are all alike. They are sporting the L.A. Looks Megahold slick back, probably a diamond earing (presumably fake) or a couple of big, thick stainless steel loops. And God forbid they wear a shirt with sleeves. I don't believe that the sleeveless shirt is merely an arbitrary decision; I think that upon purchasing a 90's Camaro, one must provide proof of ownership of at least 3 or 4 sleeveless relics. An old WWF tee would be splendid. One might even acquire a discount on said automobile if such a tee were worn during purchasing agreements.

Lets not forget the oval Oakley's.

It was interesting, as I was en route to Nephi on Saturday in order to fulfill my weekly manual labor detail, a legend in a Camaro blazed past me. Albeit a convertible, the man's hair was stiff and unwavering. One could almost hear the wind whistle as it rushed through his rows of crusty, slicked back follicles. As he drove by I thought out loud, "Well look at that."

As I pulled into Nephi 3 minutes later, I was more than pleased to see he had pulled into the neighborhood adjacent to mine.

Camaro, slick hair, no sleeves. So very Nephi-esque. We probably graduated together.

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Amy said...

Yeah Jessica Simpson. Also Britney Spears, Chris Ledoux, and Ronnie Dilsack. Don't like it? Don't listen.