To whom it may concern...mainly Mark

As previously mentioned, I was able to enjoy a little taste of XM radio for a couple of days. On Saturday, I had the unfortunate experience of doing a little service for a dear friend. During the moving project, and subsequent buffet indulgence, (which may or may not disqualify it as service in the Lord's eyes, although I had no preconceived buffet notions when I volunteered for said services) my dearest of friends Marcus Sorrenson VIII made me aware of his appreciation of the slang word "bitchin." I do not fault him for this, since I find it to be an amusing word myself. Praise of said word lead my thoughts to the Dead Milkmen track, "Bitchin' Camaro," which Mark had never before heard, which I found wholly disconcerting, as Mark was from California and should have been familiar with such a classic punk rock anthem. So basically, this post is merely an announcement of the fact that I have most recently uploaded "Bitchin' Camaro" to my songofthedays blog, which can be accessed from the right had side of this page under "Canciones de los ultimos dias." And I suppose this dually serves as a reminder that such a blog exists, for those who may be interested. I have been a bit indolent in my song posting of late, due to my state of busyness. Also a general lack of public interest in said song blog. So, as a reminder...it exists.

I love Mark. And Dead Milkmen. Not so much Camaros, however.

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Mark said...

I didn't even realize you posted this til today. When you said you posted something about Bitchin' Camero, I thought it was from the other post where you just mentioned it. All hail to those blessed Bitchin' hunks of burnin' Camero. Portland is a good one. Come to me soon.