Creatures for sale

I saw the most curious thing yesterday. The Macey's parking lot has been full of those Narnia animals for the last week or two. You know, the ones that were in front of Ruby River before that? In case you aren't aware of that which I speak, they are these ginormous creature statues cast from...maybe bronze? Anyhow, we are talking like...full sized elks. And moosen. And bears. Freaking Aslan.

So every time I drive by there I think, "Gosh. I prolly should get me one of them. I mean, it would look great......Somewhere?" (insert confused face, hunched shoulders, and chest level palm up hands.)

I guess I truthfully think, how is there a market for this? I mean, they aren't selling like...5 or 10 of these things along side some blankets with huge wolf heads or unicorns on them. Maybe some turquoise jewelry. No, no, there is an entire parking lot FULL of them. Probably 100. And I must say that, in all of my driving around Utah valley I have never seen a single ridiculously huge bronzish statue in anyone's yard. Maybe people put them in their rooms?

There was a sign in the parking lot that said, "Last Day!" As I was approaching I thought, "Does anybody really care that it is the last day?" To my surprise, a whole lot of people cared. That parking lot was seriously crawling with folks excitedly milling about the statues. I was so ridiculously amazed. I guess I just couldn't imagine someone in their right mind purchasing a humongous creature statue. I can't see how that would compliment anyone's home in a positive fashion.

So as I'm driving by, this flat bed truck pulls out in front of me with 2 twin bronze bears strapped to the back. I got so unbelievably excited and yelled, "He bought the bears! Yeah! The bears!"

And then cracked up for 5 minutes. Seriously, that made my day.