San Francisco--way less gay than i ever imagined

Ok. I think I shall be doing this more for posterity purposes (and also for probably 3 or 4 people who really actually care,) but I am going to do a photo recap of my favorite points in the San Francisco/motorcycle trip, and I suppose any random commentaries of note that come to mind as I do so. Here goes. Also, due to a lack of creative thinking on my part, these photos sort of run from end to beginning, or in no particular order, because I got sick of moving them around/wasn't intelligent enough to think to upload them backwards.
Let's just go ahead and get this out of the way. In China town, I bought a baby blue Everest fanny-pack (that just took me like 7 tries to spell that correctly, I figured a ph.) I pretty much wore it throughout the duration of the moto trip, much to the chagrin and annoyance of my co-riders. Mock me they did, but boy did that fanny pack make my trip all the smoother.

All tuckered out in the park on Saturday evening, in freezing cold San Francisco.
This would be me and Dillers playing soccer. Or basically I am using his body to knock the ball around.Soccer/hoodie buddies

So I guess this is what I look like from the side when I don't shave for an extended period of time. I was under the false impression that my beard was a little thicker than this. Why has nobody told me?
Parked in the red wood forest, somewhere nigh unto fern gully.
Some big freaking tree.
Some times I take pictures of myself when I am riding through the Avenue of the Giants. No big deal.

This, unfortunately, was the best meal we ate on the trip, and it was at a crapy little cafe in some crapy little town on the coast. The man sitting outside was a crazy mexicano who had a rather lengthy and intense conversation with himself and possibly invisible beings out in the road throughout the duration of our meal. Afterwards, we talked to him and he was surprisingly intelligent and coherent, if a little mad.
Just like, climbing a tree or whatever outside an overpriced restaurant in some other crapy town on the coast. Wait. Actually the same crapy town. And I ate the most amazingly atrocious ribeye, the likes of which I have never shoved down my gullet. Half of it, I fed to the seagulls outside the window.
Some where on the coastal highway, I reckon. It was rather unnerving at times, to be driving up a steep, winding road with a vast and roiling ocean below the sheer cliffs, but feet away from whence my tires were spinning. Unnerving indeed.
Like...a rock.
A little post-motorcycle trip meal at some overpriced Italian restaurant in San Fran. It was really good, just a tad excessive on the price.

Holding one of the cutest babies ever to grace the planet. Which sort of made me desire one. At Justin and Josie's favorite Chinese restaurant in San Fran's China town, which is infinitely cooler than NYC's.

Just collecting my cool and wits for the swing battle of a lifetime.Clearly in this photo I am winning. Also somewhat parallel to the ground.

A rather graceful dismount.
A little less graceful, if more enthusiastic.
I really liked this photo, with the wind blowing the trees in the opposite direction in which my father is facing, and then the other guy sitting neutrally, albeit a bit overexposed.

Larry doing...something. I suppose that sign that cool kids do.
Tiny Carlos, scampering up a pole.

What any good Asian would do in a photo.

China town, the land of horrifically unsanitary meats, adorning every window.

Well I guess that wraps it up for the photo tour. All in all, it was probably one of the most amazing trips I have ever been on, and I am indeed fortunate to have an amazing father who provided the means for us to take such an adventure.

Next up--Chelsea New York. Indubitably the gayest place ever. Seriously, makes San Fran look like a homophobic Mormon village.


Joliene said...

is that tree in memorial park (the redwood)?

my mom used to run a child care. she'd take the kids there a couple times a year... they called it "the fall down tree park."

Angie said...

What? I can't believe you didn't appreciate NY! SF is definitely #2 on my list.

Fish Nat!on said...

whoa, whoa, who ever said i didnt appreciate NY? dont jump to conclusions. I merely said Chelsea NY is far gayer than San Fran.

Josie said...

um, excuse me?! did i just read that you won the swing contest? i do believe that my swing skills are much more matured than yours. you need to brush up a little, my friend, and then you won't have to fib next time.

oh, and love the pictures of new york. i'm so jealous.