Can i just kill the planet in peace please?

Some "green" products sort of make me want to kill the planet even harder. Like, for instance, the green shower head that one of the roommates decided to install. It curbs the flow of water, forcing a rather large stream through a very small hole, thus causing it to be more of a mist, than an actual shower. This makes entering the shower, especially in the winter, rather unpleasant. As the mist hits the cold bathtub, it is rendered instantly cold. So getting into the shower now involves stepping through a cold mist. This mist also causes the shower curtain to billow. The last thing I want touching my body is that rancid shower curtain. Mostly, due to the fact that it is rancid, but also knowing that said moldy, malodorous curtain has been also latching on to every other unfortunate soul who attempts to bathe at my house. Should I simply install a new shower curtain? Probably. But that still wont solve the flesh-to-curtain orgy going on in there.

Also, the water ejection is super wide. I like a more concentrated stream. And for those of you mentally berating me for being a water-waster, I actually turn on the water pressure about 1/3 of capacity. I don't need the water to scour the skin away from my spine. I just hate this stupid green shower head forcing me to do what I was already doing, and causing the pleasantness of my shower to decrease by at least 62%.

Green roommate also thought it would be a good idea to install "green" light bulbs. The particular bulbs he chose to install, bathe the house in a nice, weak, sickly, yellow glow. I feel like I'm living in an old, dilapidated Ma & Pa store, where they are using a minimal amount of like...20 watt light bulbs in order to cut down cost, and you buy some generic toothpaste from them, just because you want to make certain they'll have enough money for cabbage soup that night. Seriously, I don't want to live with Ma and Pa anymore.

I swear there have to be more eco friendly light bulbs that won't make me feel depressed and alienated in my own house.


manda said...

i have very bright, white, eco-friendly light bulbs. very bright.

Debbie said...

Regarding your flesh-to-curtain orgy issues... You need one of those curved shower curtain rods. Probably a new curtain too, but the curved rods give you tons more room so the curtain never touches you. So nice.