I would assume that most of you have, at one point in your life, thought of a really stellar gift to give a friend around Christmas time. After putting considerable thought, and possibly even money into said gift, you deliver it to your friend. Your friend then gives you some lame, half assed excuse for a gift. Something in which they put no thought, nor care. At which point you feel snubbed. And hopefully your friend feels embarrassed.

I hope Mr. Obama feels embarrassed.

When you are the leader of the most powerful country on planet earth, not to mention a personally rich man, how on earth are you going to give the bloody Prime Minister of Britain a bunch of DVD's? Are you kidding me? Especially when the man gives you as priceless, and thoughtful a gift as was given to our dear, God-King president. Would it be un-PC to say that was a white trash thing to do?

Perhaps our Lord and Savior was ill aware of the caliber of the gift which he would receive from Mr. Brown.

So what. That isn't the issue.

The issue is, the leader of the free world gave his biggest ally a sack full of DVD's. I believe Mr. Brown's attempts to keep the gift a secret from the press speaks pretty loudly; he was embarrassed to have received such an absurdly ridiculous gift. "Hey Michelle? Do you think Mr. Brown is looking for a change in his cinematic viewing experience? I think as a gift, I'd like to offer him a change from that British crap that he is used to. I want to give him not only a change, or a new hope, but a change in hope. I hope he enjoys this change from what he is accustomed to viewing, and that he can find a new hope in that change. Because, Michelle dear, nothing inspires hope like a night of ET and the Godfather. Now let's change our clothes and go buy some DVD's."

And don't bother bringing up idiotic things George Bush did to insult or offend world leaders. Those things are irrelevant. The question here is, why would Obama snub such an important man? Obama is not an idiot. He wouldn't make a mistake like this. I guess all I am saying, is his recent pandering to the Muslim world, coupled with his snubbing of the Prime Minister, possibly starts to paint a worrisome picture.

Do you really think that had Bashar Al-Asad, or Asif Ali Zardari, or Mohamed Hosni Mubarak visited Mr. Obama, that they'd have left with 25 DVD's?

Call me crazy, but the man worries me. Funny, also, that the story is nowhere to be found on CNN.com. BIG surprise.


Chris Almond said...

I thought the story about Obama's dvd gift was pretty humorous myself when I read it. The article I read was in a british paper and it was interesting to hear the British perspective. The article seemed to be like a big apology for Obama acknowledging how overwhelmingly busy has been taking the reins of a country in crisis and that in such a climate it was forgivable for him to have not put in appropriate thought for a visiting head of state. The article almost felt like someone who has been rejected by a girl but still in denial and making excuses for the other person because of their own embarrassment about the situation.
But what I found most humorous was the words of one of Mr. Brown's aids saying something like 'this gift would be appropriate for the head of a minor african state, but not us'.
After reading that I was kind of glad he had been given a stack of Dvds. I think Anyone who describes something as being unfit for them by saying it is instead more suited for a minor African head of state deserves a gift not good enough for white people.

Fish Nat!on said...

My question-what would the king of ethiopia do with 25 dvds? Mr. Brown's associate should have thought of that before he made that statement. What a fool.

Fish Nat!on said...
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Joliene said...

The gift was crap, agreed. Nothing like a gift stack of DVDs to further the British opinion that we're all a bunch of media-hyped idiots who spend more time worrying about Lindsay Lohan than about anything that matters in the world. You know, except Jesus. Was it a snub? I dunno. I guess Americans still aren't over the Revolutionary War.

I do think I agree with you that our country seems to love to kiss the asses of many Arab leaders... this is largely because their money is all over our country. I find it odd, however, that our country remains so callous toward Islam, despite such relationships.

I think it's high time our country started to treat the Muslim world a little better. We love to make business deals with Arab elite, but seldom give their culture much respect. Our country has nothing to fear from Muslims... it's Islamists that we need to be worried about. If our government would stop pandering to Zionists, Islam might not be able to breed so much religious fundamentalism and convince young men that bringing our country to its knees is somehow jihad.

And I love the white trash comment. It was kind of perfect.

Your post reminds me of this one I saw today: http://harpers.org/archive/2009/03/hbc-90004537

I think I am unsatisfied with this comment, but I also think I am not going to put any more effort into it.

Kimberly said...

I like you. I also like the fact that you are one of the only bloggers that I subscribe too that isn't a raging liberal. Don't get me wrong, I obviously like these people and the way they write, but sometimes the "I Worship Obama" crap gets old. I like you more now than I did last weekend when I found your blog.

megs said...

I haven't heard this story... but I'm glad that I have now. I can't believe that. Oh Obama... please don't steer our country any more in the wrong direction.

Dave said...

OBAMANOS a la feria a comprar algunas peliculas!

Dave said...

and please dont act like you have never given a government leader a sack full of DVDs. that's day-1 stuff.