Broccoli induced drizzlings

Why, when eating a huge, hot pot of broccoli and peas does my nose begin to run? Well, one could also raise the question, why was I eating a pot of broccoli and peas?

Because I am broke as a joke. That's why.

However, that's beside the point. Why does hot soup, or hot chocolate, or ridiculously hot anything make my nose drizzle?

Does the steam loosen up the muccoids and cause them to begin to flow? Does this occur in direct relation to the heat waves flowing up the nose, melting the resistance of the mucus, and thus causing it to drip and run?

Am I the only one with whom this problem exists?

Who am I? Where did I come from?


Anonymous said...

This is David. Not Crystal. She's my wife. This always happens.

Sounds like you are ready to go check out Mormon.org--answers to life's persistent questions.

About the booger effect, someone told me to do that in Argie land when I had a stuffy nose, hold my face over some boiling water or some such nonsense. Remember, this is an old, down home remedy from the scientifically advanced country where even doctors are convinced that milk and watermelon will kill you dead if they are ever in the stomach at the same time. By all means, I should listen to argie medical advice. many of them live to be 30. So what did I do? I totally tried it. And I totally steam burned my whole face. After that, I not only still had a runny stuffy nose, I also had small blisters above my mouth so that it was excrutiatingly painful to wipe said snotty nose.

brady & laura Hales said...

look, pretty much you are lucky that is your only reaction. broccoli makes me gassy.