A toughgaybro?

I Feel like this picture is kind of an anomaly. At first glance, one would think...bro. Closer scrutiny of the driver, and the fact that it is not a crotch rocket possibly causes one to think...tough guy. But what self respecting tough guy rides a cruiser with a shirtless bro on the back, in 45 degree weather? Or what self loving bro is willing to ride Santa Clause (referred to as such, due to the driver having a "sack" on his back) with a tough guy? I've never seen a bro put himself in such a compromising position. It just wouldn't be chill. A bro would find him self shirtless on a bullet bike, complete with hot girl and thong showing on the back. Perhaps gay? I doubt it, because A.) it is too cold for a shirtless gay man to be cruising about on a bike, and B.) the driver does not have enough fashion sense to be gay.

Who are these mystery men?
(thanks to Mark for taking the picture)


manda said...

i want to ride behind a hot babe on a bike some day.

Lalis said...

Guys and scooters... it is all very gay regardless of fashion sense... or lack thereof.