Everybodys doin it

I'm pist. I hate smokers. Well, let me rephrase that statement. I hate inconsiderate smokers. Which seems to be most of them. So our genius landlord apparently decided it would no longer be prudent to wait around for the state to move some 18 yr old foster kids into our basement, pay him a lot of money, and reduce our rent. Instead, he apparently felt the wiser decision would be to allow smokers to move in.

Look. If you are witless enough to be a smoker in this day and age, when even the most ignorant small-town hick is well aware of the health risks, you deserve what is coming to you.

Fine. If you, Mr. Smoker, desire to end your life in screaming agony, lungs and throat rotting away, that is your decision.

But. When you encroach upon my personal health (completely leaving out the repugnant, invidious stench) then that is when your disgusting habit becomes despicable. Who are you, Mr. Cancer Promoter, to encroach upon the health of innocent people? What gives you the right to exhale vaporous death in the vicinity of those who are smart enough to avoid sucking deadly carcinogens into their fragile lungs? Nothing is more maddening than being at a concert or some other event, and the one person smoking in the crowd is standing right behind you, enshrouding your head in a cloud of smoke.

Actually. There is a worse scenario. Living in a 70 year old, drafty house above smokers. The cigarette stench has now permeated our entire house through the ginormous heat ducts.

That is bullshit. I am pist.

Justification- Secondhand smoke: It kills about three thousand non-smokers a year from lung cancer alone, which is 30 times as many lung cancer deaths that happen due to pollution

* ü It causes 36,000 deaths a year from heart disease

* ü It causes 330,000 lung infections a year in babies and young children each year

* ü It fills the air with many of the same poisons found in the air around toxic waste dumps

* ü It puts babies at risk for SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)

Hmm. It would seem to me that there are several THOUSAND more casualties being caused by secondhand smoke than by Al Qaida and the insurgents in Iraq each year. Maybe instead of pulling the soldiers out of Iraq, the government should consider pulling the cigarette companies out of America.

Here are a few more pictures that I decided it would be wise not to post. Check em out smokers. Might be your future.


iamlegendDUH said...

like you said, anyone who smokes in this day and age is well aware of the adverse health effects and long term consequences. they continue to smoke because its incredibly hard to quit and stay quit. i think non-smokers, especially people who have never smoked, should be a little more compassionate and a little less judgmental when it comes to condemning smokers. after all, they are dying.

Fish Nat!on said...

fair enough. i am, however, not so compassionate towards those who are, whilst killing themselves, also killing innocent others. i dont feel so compassionate towards the extremest who blows himself up, just simply because he died. i feel sorry for addicted people killing themselves, but taking innocent people with them is unacceptable. especially children, who seem to be the greatest sufferers of second hand smoke. i do, however, see where you are coming from, and realize that the smoker/extremest comparison is a bit over the top.

brady & laura Hales said...

You sound like you got an unbelievable living situation between destroyer's filth and now smokers in the basement. If its any consolation, I'm pretty sure its a cause for you to end your lease of the apartment, if you're looking for an exit strategy.

Anonymous said...

I will smoke WHERE I want.
END of story.

Your prissy ass is just going to have to DEAL WITH IT

Just because YOU have been brainwashed to be scared of a SMELL does not mean I have to tolerate your crap.

Make an apartment non smoking? Yeah.. good luck with that. I have lived AND smoked in them

Keep your paranoid rants to yourself.

Fish Nat!on said...

You have got to quite possibly be the most phenomenal moron to have ever left a pansy assed annonymous comment upon this blog. Paranoid rants? Brainwashed to fear a smell? Second hand smoke is scientifically proven to be as bad, if not worse than what you are sucking into your own lungs. It is not your right to cause me harm you fucking imbecil. You can smoke where it only affects you all you want, but leave everyone else out of it. You have absolutely no right to impose that upon other people. Unbelievable.