Get off my face, violaters of beauty!

Antecedent to my three day research paper writing marathon, I have decided that I should probably post something. I feel as though my creative juice pool has been diluted of late, due to the mass amounts of historical liquids that have been dumped into the mix. My mind feels attenuated and vastly stretched. In other words, sorry for the lack of an interesting blog of late.

I hate research papers. They acquiesce absolutely no personal feeling, but protest mightily any personalization. It matters not what I think or feel, merely what proof historical documents seem to offer. Lame.

On an important note--it would appear that Triclear acne solution is more than meets the casual observing eye. I was on facebook wasting a small portion of my life, when I noticed an add on the left side of the screen. My attention was at first drawn to the revolting bulbous white heads on the face of some unfortunate person. I watched, memorized as they were wiped clean from his face by a magic line the drew laterally across the picture. Nothing is more repulsive than a white head, but I couldn't help but watch it over and over again. Not sure why. Due to my careful scrutiny, however, I was able to notice the true magic of the product--mustache removal. When the face had zits, there was also an ever-so-tiny mexi-stache incipient above the lip. As the wonder-line moved across the zits completely eradicating them, said stache was also pulverized.

What a wonderful solution. A product that will not only clear up my semi-sucky complexion, but also provide a clean shave. Well worth 70 bucks.

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Dave said...

So...I just wrote a comment and it got deleated. Curses.

I think that you could sell your apt slogan: Facebook--wasting small portions of life.

As for the acne ads, I agree that they are revolting and deceptive; but I am infinitely more disturbed by the anti-wrinkle advertisments. You've seen the one I am talking about, I am sure. The 20-something hottie periodically shown in makeup as a tales-from-the-crypt hostess--literally with pieces of her decaying face flaking off before your very eyes. There is no beauty product that could restore such a twisted reality to 20-something beauty. save your money, unless you can buy stock in "resurrection."

So, what's your research paper about?