Manly portage

So I guess I have been searching for a proper man bag now for quite some time. Wait. Let me rephrase that a little bit. I have been searching for a shoulder bag for my laptop for quite a while now. As I was in Salt Lake with my family on Saturday, I finally found one that suited my fancy. As I explained to my parents the nature of said bag, and that I was also way too destitute to afford it, my parents (especially my father) began to refer to it as my “man bag.”

My mother was concerned that I was going to be buying a purse. I vehemently assured her that it was most definitely not a purse. As we wandered about the Gateway, I was on constant vigil, searching for someone with a “man bag,” that thereby I could prove the completely masculine nature of said style of bag.

My father enjoys slaying animals, so Dick’s Sporting goods was on the list of our destinations. As we were leaving, I spotted a guy with a man bag I had seen earlier in Urban Outfitters. I grabbed my mother and said, “Hey! Down there! That guy…in the…um…pink hoodie.” Suddenly, my arguments as to the manliness of man bags were dashed like a tiny vessel upon the merciless rocks of a girlie pullover.

I got the damn bag anyways, and it is awesome.

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Joliene said...

i work in a luggage store. for future reference, you were searching for a messenger bag. next time, if you say that to bag people, they will probably be able to help you much more quickly :).

mine looks rather similar to that... it's the same shade of green and made by tumi. alas, it does not fit my monster of a laptop