Sink, garbage, what's the difference?

I just spent the last 5 hours or so working on my senior research paper. I am currently on page 17 of 24 or 25. I felt like I had accomplished much. Then, on a whim, I decided to copy and paste all of the text from my blog on to a word document. 27 pages. Man, do I feel like an idiot. If I spent half as much time working on my thesis as I do writing my blog, I would be finished. The other frustrating and slightly depressing thing is, I am pretty certain that my blog is far superior to my paper. Oh well.

Let me describe the process that goes on at my house. Food is cooked by me or room mate 1. Dishes are subsequently cleaned or loaded into the dishwashing unit. Food is prepared by the destroyer. Dishes remain in the sink until room mate 1 or I clean them.

The sink is also, apparently, a garbage can. The destroyer opens a can or bag of food. The sink, being much more convenient and nigh his meaty fist, ergo becomes a proxy garbage receptacle. There the garbage remains until I, or room mate 1, place it in its proper location.

When messes are made at my home, I, or room mate 1 clean them up. The destroyer never ever cleans. Never ever. He merely destroys. Occasionally, when something is brought specifically to his attention, he might take care of it. Socks in the sink, for example. I walked into the bathroom with designs to cleanse my teeth, when a pair of crusty, begrimed socks greeted me from the sink. "Hmm. Why are these socks in the sink?" I wondered. And then I laughed. The garbage in the sink...I see the logic. Never washing dishes...I understand the motive, or lack thereof. But I couldn't for the life of me imagine a reason as to why one would put socks in the sink. So I asked, "Destroyer? Is there a particular reason as to why your socks are in the sink?" "Wha...? Oh. I dunno, but thats gross though." He then removed them.

It never ends. Or makes sense.

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