Dear Observer

The more that I think about your comment, the more humorous I find it. To be perfectly honest, the comment initially upset me. I find that I have a rather emotional connection to my writing. I feel as though when someone judges what I have written, they are judging a piece of me. I suppose that is because a great deal of what I write is self indulgent. But what is a personal blog, if not self indulgent? I am not attempting to write pieces that will change the world, or start a new and revolutionary way of thought. I simply write because I enjoy it. I am sorry that such an idea is completely foreign to one so apparently real, humble, and creative as you apparently think yourself.

It's funny that you point an accusatory finger, calling my blog narcissistic. Yet you label yourself a hypocrite by making such a broad, generalized statement such as "I think I speak for nearly everyone in saying I am not excited for the 'book' you are writing." You clearly think rather highly of yourself and your apparently flawless judgment.

Furthermore, stating that nearly the entire hipster scene is uncreative is simply an ignorant, haughty, baseless generalization. You sound like a bitter, self proclaimed intellectual; a person who thrives on tearing down anyone who can't be as naturally creative or innovative as you apparently find yourself to be.

The funny thing is, as obviously narcissistic as you must be, you hide behind anonymity, thus nullifying any of your arguments and simply making you look like a hater. What have you done which could be publicly labeled as innovative, authentic, or creative? You are very brave, leaving mean spirited comments where nobody can see a single thing you have done to back up your hubris.

Am I further validating your comment? Perhaps this blog is self indulgent. Perhaps it does get narcissistic. But that is a blog, my friend. Thank you for validating my writing through your hateful comments. I don't care if everyone loves what I write. It's just as great knowing someone hates what I write enough to take the time to actually comment upon it. And if you claim that you commented upon the only post you have ever read, then you are even more ignorant than I thought, judging 174 posts from 1.

Was this thin skinned enough for you?




b said...

Bangerang, Rufio!

aenon. said...

i am excited for your book, because in the mean time you will just be acting all pretentious and carrying bongos around your neck on a hemp string and sometimes twisting your hand around in that way.

Carla said...

dude at least people read your blog and then give you material to post about...

Dave said...


it demeans you to grace the "observer" with a reply-post. his "comment" made no sense, and it was in poor taste, and he's a jackass. All sufficient reasons to ignore him.

I cant help thinking that he must have had amazingly supportive parents, though, to go through life thinking that people really give a damn what he thinks about everything. I mean, they must have had the "interested" look down to a science to convince him so thoroughly that he was really adding something useful to the world with his ungrammatical "observations"

What a douche.

Alison said...

there's a book?

and if it is of any consolation, your blog provides me with entertainment at work. seeing as how it is one of few blogs with writing that makes me laugh out loud. LOL ha!

now im gonna go kiss myself, i suggest you do the same.

Low Gain said...

I have just one thought....

Who's to say "observer" isn't a female? Isn't it odd that we, as a group, have labelled "observer" as a male? Perhaps it is the tone of "an uncanny prick" that we so merit "him" this title. Maybe it is the sense of "pure douche-idity" that permeates "his" comment. It could be the complete tone of ignorance that we deem it unquestionable that it is a "he", for most men are just that; uncanny, ignorant douche pricks.
And we men are also all narcissistic. It plays well into our lifestyles as we check our facebook profiles (which is all about us and what we like, read, listen to, and consider funny quotes) to pump us full of vanity and self worth through tagged photos, photo comments, and shirtless profile pics. Clearly though, "observer" does none of this. I'm sure HE sits at HIS desk writing down things he knows are going to change the world for the better and throwing smug, callous scowls at anyone exhibiting creativity if not first approved of by him. Or her.