We're screwed

This man is a scary fool. He sets himself up to be the lord hero of the working class, yet does he not realize how this policy will completely cripple thousands of small business who won't be able to afford to pay this arbitrary "carbon tax?" He obviously doesn't understand that the government already taxes small business nearly into extinction, and that some absurd tax on carbon and other emissions will grind many of them right into the ground. So much for your hero then. And who are those most affected? Small business owners, and the working/middle class whom they employ.


chris almond said...

I guess you put that video up to portray Obama negatively, but to be honest it just made me like him more.
I wonder who Grey and Mikey are voting for. Did I spell Grey's name correctly?

Fish Nat!on said...

That is because you are a crazy socialist bastard. J/k. but not really. I would guess Mikey isn't voting, and maybe be in a permanent, incoherent drug induced stupor. Grey...good question. If I had to guess, I would probably think Obama. But who knows. I voted for Bob Barr, because I hate the other two candidates. Plus, my vote in this state doesn't matter, so I voted for whom I would have really wanted to win, as you did.