Cancer cans

Do the rednecks of Nephi plan on converging at Conoco at 8:30 pm on Friday night, or is it just an arbitrary occurrence? I was there for about 5 minutes filling up, and no less than 4 gigantic dinosaur guzzling trucks, complete with rust spots and No Fear stickers arrived. Also at least 3 out of 4 of them with a female riding "bitch" position. Don't get pist. I didn't come up with that name.

As I walked to the counter, there was a redneck purchasing his Grizzly chew. I saw him and thought, "Neat. His pants are as tight as mine." Except for his were probably about 7 inches too long, thus creating wrinkles from ankle to crotch. Also, complete with the worn out left ass-cheek circle from the cancer can, and the gleaming belt buckle legitimizing the whole ensemble. Cool.

As I walked out, there was another truck already parked, and by the time I entered my car, 2 more had arrived, seemingly randomly. I guess that is the cool place to go on a Friday night, to pick up one's chew and Conoco's equivalent of a Big Gulp.

Although, who am I to judge? I am currently writing a blog and watching Olympic diving by myself. Why can't the effing Americans ever get in without a splash?


Gina Lee said...

So disappointing with all the splashing! Did they not practice?

Crystal said...

And I bet they were all wearing Fox logo hats. Those are the coolest. Check out the synchronized swimming. It blows my mind.

Carla said...

So does this make you want to rethink the tight pants?

Fish Nat!on said...