Pigs in a wallow

Dear Mizzzz Pelosi,
I found your comment to our dear, dear bumbling President just a little befuddling. The part where you said, "Bless his heart, President of the United States--a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy--you name the subject." Now, I guess the confusing thing would be where you, Mizzzz Pelosi, get off saying anything to our dear, dear astute head of state.

I guess, Mizzzz Pelosi, that it would seem just a tad arrogant and hypocritical for the leader of the most intensely unpopular congress in history to have the gall to slander the President in such a way. Now, I certainly have no love for this man, and can similarly agree that he has failed on many levels. But so has your "most honest, most open and most ethical congress in history." Perhaps when your group's alleged honesty, openness, and ethics are replaced with action, accountability, and integrity, your approval ratings might soar above 14% and THEN you can say what you will about captain Bush.

Until then, shut your mouth. A pig covered in shit slinging shit at another shit covered pig is ridiculous at best. Americans are starting to realize that it isn't simply the President who runs this country. You, Mizzzz Pelosi, and your tidy little group of inept cretins are just as accountable for this country's current slurry of problems as is Sr. Jorge Boosh.



Alison said...

much better. MUCH BETTER.thanks. and yeah it's fine for the shorter posts, just that last one, towards the end got blurry.

Alison said...

i take it back. damn the yellow

Angie said...

Thanks for the vocab words. I hate you and your smart pants.


Carla said...

the best part about your blog? Is reading the comments and then thinking "what vocab words?" and subsequently skimming through again. It's always so refreshing to know that after a year at the mac i have retained a slight amount of intelligence.

Dave said...

I wish she would read this. But she won't. Ever. Too bad.

Roger said...

Nice... you hold Nancy Pelosi to a higher ethical standard than President Bush. The fact that he didn't invest in alternative energies (surely your aware of solar, wind, etc.) when he came in with his republican congress doesn't matter. And like hell he doesn't have power. Republicans still have a huge presence in congress, and the prez can veto... I mean, use some intellect here man.

Pelosi has surely upset people, but for what reason? That she wants to get off big oil but also not destroy environment? Why does this engender so much animosity? Drilling would take YEARS before it would yield ANY production.

Let us all yell from the mountain tops: "We are grateful for people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who check the destruction of Bush and his conservative counterparts!" I have a hunch this will go unheeded. But I do find it fascinating that Bush's actions get written off because, hey, he meant well! And by golly, nobody is perfect? Yet... this same attitude is not transposed to Pelosi. Interesting. Pretty fucking interesting.

Fish Nat!on said...

oh give it a rest. who in the world is writing off Bush's actions as "well meaning?" The man is the constant butt end of attack (and i am certainly not saying he doesnt deserve much of that attack) but the idea that Pelosi is receiving any unfair treatment or being held to a different standard is absurd. You're lying to yourself if you really think that the media in anyway panders to the right.

all i am saying here is that it is pretty silly to call someone a failure when you are utterly failing yourself.

Fish Nat!on said...

oh, and thank you for not posting anonymously