Gimmie organic crack

How come there are people that can make this:

Yet we can barely get cars to achieve 35 mpg? This freaking thing was invented by an 18 year old. It's like a motorcycle/segway hybrid. The only control on it is an on and off switch. Everything else is controlled by leaning, similar to the Segway. Is it ridiculous, dangerous, and probably not very practical? Damn straight. But the point is, it exists. There was an 18 year old with enough brain power to create this absurdly futuristic vehicle, yet we are still living in a virtual petroleum-guzzling stone age.

Not to mention this petroleum we happen to be guzzling is costing us our first born children (for some people literally.)

If we truly can't come up with the technology to solve our love affair with petroleum, then why are we so content to pay out the rear end for it?

Why are we in the Middle East? I mean really, what is our interest in that God-forsaken hot desert full of people who are constantly pissed off at the West? Is it because American presidents really just thoroughly enjoy tea parties with Saudi princes? Is it because we really need a base somewhere over there so we can cock-block Russia's nukes?

Oil. Obviously. No revolutionary thought there. Sure, we invaded Iraq under the guise of instilling democracy in the Middle East, but really we want to be able to access oil in a democratic manner. We want to create stability in a region that pumps the blood through our veins.

First of all, let's not talk about the evils of America's petroleum-crack addiction. Because unless you are cultivating all of your own food using a donkey and a plow, you are a part of that addiction. Save you sew all of your own clothing from the cotton you picked with your own hands, or from the beaver pelts you trapped all by yourself...you are a part of that addiction. Do you not shop at stores? How do you think the Natural Village is able to sell you your "organic" tofu and garbanzo beans? Delivered by petroleum. So, that said, unless you are completely self sufficient--shut up. You are still part of the problem.

Are you one of those tidy little elitist hybrid drivers, patting yourself on the back because your "No more blood for oil" bumper sticker like...so makes a powerful statement? Well ponder this for a moment. Why do we have to so often pay for petroleum with blood? Because so many of the same people who are adamantly opposed to "The War," and any Middle Eastern occupation are the same idiots who have thwarted all effort to drill our own liquid sin. So in a sense, those who are blocking our efforts to drill our own oil because of some irrational environmental fear, are really just fueling our Middle Eastern escapades.

Do I think that our over dependence on oil is healthy and good? Hell no. I am all about cutting back to reasonable levels. But my point in all of this is we shouldn't have to trade our way of life, or downgrade. Nor should we be doing it simply because the opulently brilliant Al Gore thinks the world is going to burn down and all the polar bears are going to explode.

We should do it because we should be able to without having to decline into communism. We shouldn't have to stop traveling. We shouldn't have to cease to live the lives for which generations of American's have toiled. Because of petroleum and because of capitalism, our lives can be anything we want them to be. But again, going back to the space bike from the future...we are living in the bloody future. Instead of acting as a full-on wheel chair, why can't oil be reduced to a crutch? If we can create pens that can write upside down, we should surely be able to do that. The problem is, there is never cohesion amongst our leaders, or among the masses. Everyone is fighting for their own agenda, which only causes the problems to augment and ill feelings to exacerbate.

Is there anyway we can start using organic petroleum? That burns clean and has been raised free, not in a Middle Eastern cage? That way, when it delivers itself to us, we can feel good about the delivery as well as the subsequent consumption.


karen said...

Brilliantly said.

Anonymous said...

Communism assumes complete state control; no public interest.

Protecting the environment by not drilling in every damn wildlife area we have left is not a return to Lenin, my friend, it is protecting god's Earth. How do you reconcile the fact that oil companies control millions of acres of federal land for drilling already yet sit on their asses?

Your angst riddled comments toward Al Gore and those who drive hybrids is amateur, childish, and pathetic drivel that could only come from one who desperately seeks to exalt himself above such people that, though you say otherwise, are concerned about the environment. I suspect your a "moderate" who frantically must attack everyone's solutions so as to somehow appear more level-headed and correct, though, the tone of this piece reeks of classic conservatism: environment is for profit, people that seek strategies to help environment are misguided, and a disdain for any sort of collective action to care for environment. You may disagree about the Iraq war, but so does most of the nation, many conservatives included. I suspect your views are more inspired on what other people are thinking rather than personal rationale and reasoning.

Your not attacking oil companies. No! Because its a corporation, and they shouldn't be held accountable. People that drive hybrids are morons, but oil companies that don't drill on land they have are f@#king geniuses.

So go ahead, kill messengers like Al Gore and ignore the legitimate science and research. Its easier that way, you learned that when your boy Glen Beck does it that it gets a positive response so you do it, so by all means, continue attacking intellectualism because it threatens you and Beck teaches you should.

Beyond all this, its unfortunate that you toss away your professed values just to attack those that seek to preserve god's green planet.

Fish Nat!on said...

Dear Anonymous

A few things.

First, you are more than welcome to disagree with my opinion and attempt to make me out to be some sort of Glen Beck worshiping jackass. However, if you are going to say such things, it would be nice if you didn't hide behind the guise of "anonymous," (although i have a few assumptions as to who you are.) At least let me know who the intellectual is that I have pissed off, that I might goto his/her blog and attempt some form of childish, immature retaliation. or something.

2. I don't think that all hybrid drivers are arrogant pricks. just some of them. And as far as attacking intellectualism goes, there is just as much science proving global warming false/inconclusive as there is supporting it. It just so happens that supporting global warming is the hip/righteous/glorified thing to do. Why do I attack Al Gore? Because he is an arrogant, hypocritical bastard who has merely taken a ride on the coat tails of scientists and achieved his immortal glory as the savior of the environment.

how much of it is really about "protecting god's green earth" and how much of it is about money, fame, and publicity? and money? and fame and money? you kid yourself if you think it isn't. look at Al Gore's house.

3. i do not profess to think that oil companies are "f@#king geniuses. I will admit that i have not done a whole lot of studying into the why oil companies are sitting on millions of acres of unused land. but i do have a few ideas--maybe a lot of those acres have no oil. when they lease this land, it is for long periods of time, like 5 or 10 years or something. Who is to say how much speculating has been done, and how many of these areas have been proven unfruitful. I mean, the cost of drilling is astronomical, and why would a company do it unless it could yield real profits? I am not saying what they are doing is right. big oil is just as much to blame from the current petroleum/economic crisis as anyone else.

4. Glen Beck is nuts.

5. I love the planet, I love nature. but I dont think that certain things are end all-be all catastrophes. drilling technology is pretty good, and can be done with pretty low environmental damage. (im probably really setting myself up to get attacked for that one)

6. thanks for the definition of communism.

7. maybe i am done with political commentary. it isnt worth arguing over, because in the end, it all boils down to opinion. it all boils down to which science you believe. There is no end all be all truth in politics. (on somethings, there is certainly exists a clear black and white, but on most issues is is opinion) unless one's views are liberal, they are going to be unpopular, and therefore set one up as a "non-intellectual."

who wants to be that? So on that note, Fish for Obama 08!

brady & laura Hales said...
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Michael B. Painter said...
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gwailow said...

Dear Fish:

I think your a jackass.